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What It's All About | Plasma Event

Learn everything you need to know for the upcoming Plasma Event at Park Industries on August 24th with Hypertherm.

August DSE: What You Need to Know

See what's new, who's presenting, and anything else you need to know of the Digital Stoneworking Expo in Bozeman, MT on August 3rd.

2017 Tax Incentives | Section 179

Take Advantage of the 2017 Tax Incentives. Learn why the best time to take advantage is now!

Case Study | Paul G. White Interiors

Jonathan White, owner of Paul G. White, has always wanted to work in the family business. He was born into it and he loves it. In 1970, his mother and father started the business in Portland. They began in ceramic tile, expanded into flooring, and in the early 90s they entered the stone business. They are a company that strives to foster relationships and Park Industries has been a partner of Paul G. White’s from the start.

Case Study | Frank's Marble & Granite

Frank and Carmela Pantano opened up Frank’s Marble & Granite in 1972. They began in ceramic tile and marble fireplaces, and they slowly made their way into countertops. Fabrication was done by hand with a tile saw until Frank created his own makeshift saws that resembled rail saws. Growing up in the business, their son Carmine Pantano now owns and operates the business.