Introducing the SABER CNC 5 Axis Saw

The SABER’s monoblock design with hydraulic tilt table is an ideal cutting workstation. The SABER elevates the value of a CNC saw by coring holes, cutting radius curves, incremental routing, servo mitering, and automatically cutting a variety of predefined shapes that can be dimensionally scaled.  This machine will become the backbone of your operations.

Precision from All Angles

The SABER utilizes a 5 axis moving ability to:

  • Cut curves with Contour Cutting
  • Core faucets with the Core Tool
  • Incremental routing for sink cutting

Match these capabilities with the Servo Motor Mitering's automatic 0-90 degree blade rotation and laser alignment to make any cut with ease.  VFD that automatically adapts to changes in RPM requirements. 

Increase Ease and Productivity

Complete with our unique hydraulic tilt table, the SABER CNC allows operators to have a safe and faster way to load or unload slabs.  Bolt Action Pins are utilized for an easy, efficient, and durable way to hold a slab in position while loading the table. This time saving feature equals higher productivity.  The open architecture design of the machine allows the operator to have a full view of the work area. 

Structural features of the machine allow for ease of installation and maintenance.  It's monoblock structure means pick and place installation.  Stress relieved steel bridge houses the rail for the carriage.  Profiled Rails increase accuracy because the bridge is actuated by a gantry rack and pinion assembly that is servo driven for rapid positioning. 

Programming System with Flexibility

Operators can run the SABER automatically or manually.  It includes automated cutting of a variety of predefined parametric shapes that can be dimensionally scaled.  The HMI control panel can be conveniently positioned.

Two big features are included; the first is manual joystick controls which are convenient for operating the machine whether it is in automatic or manual.  The second is a wireless pendant that is extremely convenient for set-up, that allows operators to control the machine from different locations with literally no strings attached.

Finally, it utilzes Park’s user-friendly iTEC Interface technology as an operator’s best friend. This intuitive system utilzes a touch screen and a barcoded system is programmed specifically for your operation. Once scanned, the machine automatically loads and starts.

OPS Productivity

Is it important that you understand your actual production results versus goal?  Park Industries OPS Productivity reporting allows you to analyze your production REAL-TIME, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Park provides you the tools to effectively manage your business! Learn more here.

Cut from any angle with ease with a SABER from Park Industries®. Call 800.328.2309 to learn more.