The APEX 5-Axis CNC Saw provides you the tool to manufacture high precision, complex parts.

This CNC Saw provides customers with the technology that will make them more profitable.  And, nobody has the support structure to help you be more successful than Park Industries.

5-Axis Sawing 

The APEX 5-Axis movements are extremely accurate because they have precision profiled linear way and bearings. The APEX utilizes a 5-Axis moving ability to:

  • Cut Curves with Contour Cutting
  • Straight Line and Curved Profiling
  • Process Five Sides of a stone with a Single Set-Up

The APEX can make cuts up to 16" with a 44" Blade

Match these capabilities with the Servo Miter to make up to 10" mitered cuts at a 45 degree angle as well as Servo Step Cutting. Miter's 0-90 degree. Blade rotation with laser alignment allows operators to make any cut with ease.

Handle Material Efficiently

Complete with a programmable Vacuum Lift Feature, the APEX allows operators to have a safe and faster way to separate parts.  This optional feature minimizes labor intervention and optimizes cutting routines.  Time savings equals higher productivity. 

Automated Measurements

The Automated Material Height Sensor on the APEX allows the saw to automatically measure the thickness of stone.  It measures material height in reference to the cutting surface which allows ease of set-up. This leads to faster, more accurate, and increased cutting efficiencies.

Automated Tool Length and Blade Diameter Measurement, also optional, uses the APEX laser system to automatically measure the diameter of the blade and the length of tools.  This allows automated changes to the program based upon actual tool/blade measurements.  This feature ensures accuracy of finished products.

Intuitive and Convenient Operation

The APEX uses a 5-Axis Controller to operate the X,Y, and Z linear axis as well as having the capability to rotate on the A and C axis. This machine also comes with a Wireless Remote that is extremely convenient for set-up.  It allows operators to make all machine movements with precision and ease from different locations with literally no strings attached.

The programming on the APEX would best be described as intuitive.  It features a user friendly-on screen setup for basic stone cutting.  An extremely valuable asset it includes is the Parametric Shapes feature.  This is a group or collection of predefined shapes that can be dimensionally scaled with ease.

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