Revolutionary Quarry Drill - (Patent Pending)

The RAPTOR is a highly productive quarry drill system that is easily adaptable to meet a variety of needs within your quarry.  The RAPTOR's quick coupler system allows more versatility and value to your quarry operations by allowing you the flexibility to change the front loader mount. 

The RAPTOR - a quarry drill designed to reduce your drilling costs and maximize your productivity.  Call Park Industries today at 1-800-328-2309 for more information about the RAPTOR.

RAPTOR Quarry Drill

The RAPTOR was designed for simple operation with remote control operations and digital camera positioning from the comfort of the cab. 

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile Quick Detachable Coupler System
  • Automated Drill Functions
  • Simple Control Design
  • Remote Control Capability
  • Manage all Drilling Operations within the Cab with Camera Alignment System
  • Self-Contained Dust Collection System

SMART Shield

The unique SMART Shield feature includes a variety of intelligent sensors that increase drilling efficienty and reduces cost by:
  • Automatically detecting if a bit or rod is broken.  The drill will stop and automatically retract to the home position. 
  • Automatically detecting the loss of air pressure.  The hammer will stop drilling and will retract to the home position.
  • Automatically monitors pressure and anticipates a blow-out of the stone.  If a blow-out is sensed to occur, the drill will stop drilling. 

Contact us to learn how the RAPTOR Quarry Drill can reduce your drilling costs while increasing your operations efficiencies.