The TITAN® Fab Center combines efficient sawing and accurate edging capabilities in one machine. Cut, shape, and polish 120 sq. ft. with 1 machine during 1 shift with 2 operators.

The ultimate combination of efficiency and productivity.

The TITAN® Fab Center uses the same 24 HP, 10,000 RPM direct drive spindle used on the TITAN® backed by Park’s 5-year warranty. But what sets the TITAN® Fab Center apart is the addition of the robust saw, able to cut through material at 96 inches/minute.

The TITAN® Fab Center has CNC servo driven mitering capabilities (up to 47 degrees) to produce mitered apron edges in a matter of minutes. But that’s just the beginning for the TITAN® Fab Center.

Operation so simple, you can forget all about codes.

Park’s user-friendly iTEC Interface technology is an operator’s best friend. This intuitive barcoded system is programmed specifically for your operation. Once scanned, the machine automatically loads and starts.

Reduce tool costs and increase production with ITM.

Our Integrated Tool Management™ (ITM) system extends tool life by 50% by automatically monitoring, measuring, and compensating for tool wear. This precise and dependable system significantly reduces the need to reshape your tools, saving you thousands of dollars in tooling costs.

Because each tool is constantly maintained, ITM also eliminates the need for fit and finish. Edges are cut with exact precision, saving you time, money, and the hassle of refining cut pieces.

Rugged, durable, and ready to tackle the hardest jobs.

Our unique ArmorDeck™ work surface holds pieces in place with a powerful suction for greater production speed without parts shifting. In fact, it has 30% better holding power than aluminum surfaces and will never corrode or dent, saving you even more money and ensuring a quality product.

Exclusive Armor Shield Protection

The Armor Shield Protection is a process that protects critical machine parts enhancing corrosion and wear resistance.

It extends the lifespan of critical components by protecting the parts from the harsh, wet environment, increasing machine uptime.

The Armor Shield is not a plating or surface coating process. This unique process produces an aesthetic black finish that impregnates the material for strength and durability. The treatment actually changes the composition of the material on the outside of the part.

Features & Benefits

The TITAN® is the industry-leading finishing router:

  • Layout and stone image capture capability
  • Cuts up to 96" per minute
  • Laser positioning to easily place the vacuum cups and parts in place
  • Easy to use “conversational” touch-screen programming
  • 15 HP CNC Servo Drive System – same system as the FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet
  • O – 47 CNC Servo Driven Miter Capability
  • Armor Deck table top for superior suction capacity
  • Electro Spindle =24 HP stainless steel electro spindle
  • Owner Protection Services™ automatically notifies you of routine machine maintenance.  

Get more from your production potential with two machines in one. Call 800.328.2309 to learn more about our TITAN® CNC Fab Center today.