Digital Stoneworking Expo | For Countertop Fabricators | May 18th | St. Cloud, MN

What Differentiates You From Other Fabricators? 

In a fierce market where time is money, the only difference between victory and defeat is a competitive edge. 

Attend the Digital Stoneworking Expo and gain the knowledge to turn today’s pains into profits.  Learn how to increase efficiency, reduce costs, maximize profitability and Strengthen Your Competitive Edge.

The Digital Stoneworking Expo will bring together countertop fabricators, from across the country, for 1 day of top level content and discussion, centered around automating processes through Digital Equipment to meet production/labor demands, and gaining an advantage over the competition. View Details >

Thursday, May 18 | Park Industries | St. Cloud, MN


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What Makes This Experience So Valuable?

  • Learn from industry experts and thought leaders who will discuss how technology has transformed their processing of countertops
  • Turn today’s “Pains” into Profits by gaining the necessary knowledge
  • Network with others and share best practices to improve efficiency, improve safety, and reduce costs
  • Define metrics within your organization to improve your process efficiency
  • Learn about advancements in technology and how these improvements can impact your bottom-line
  • Tour fully digital fabricators from the local area
  • Watch high tech machine demonstrations for processing stone

Featured Topics:

  • Evaluating Your Shop's Performance
  • Digital Fabrication: From Start - Finish
  • Digital Fabrication: Trials & Celebrations
  • Growth through Technology

NEW for May:

  • Local Fabricator Bus Tour | Optional Event on Wednesday (5/17)
  • OPTIMUS Robotic SawJet Demonstration

Featured Presenters:



Dave Scott
Slabworks of Montana

Dave Scott, owner of TDS Corp. DBA Slabworks of Montana, started his business in 1990 as a tile installation company. in 1993, at the request of one of his customers, they began fabricating slab stone. Beginning with a rail saw and electric polishers, Slabworks grew from 2 to 16 employees. In 2008 they installed two machines just prior to the market crash, a YUKON Bridge Saw and a TITAN CNC Router. Going from 16 down to 4 employees, they survived with lean manufacturing and eventually added a FUSION CNC Saw/Waterjet and a Pathfinder.  These additions positioned them to be able to grow and capture market share as the economy recovered. Today, Dave employs 20 people and operates a fully digital fabrication facility.

Slabworks of Montana  produces 1200 - 2000 sq. ft. per wk. of marble, granite, and quartz countertops. Included in the lineup of machinery at Slabworks of Montana are: two FUSION 4045 CNC Saw/Waterjets, a TITAN 2800 CNC Router, a TITAN 2700 CNC Router, a Pathfinder 1200, and a FASTBACK Edge Polisher. 

Scott Hanes
Majestic Marble and Granite

Scott Hanes, owner of Majestic Marble and Granite, purchased the company in 2007. Shortly after his purchase, the market crashed and Scott needed to make changes to his business - fast. Scott’s focus on lean manufacturing transformed his company into a very successful and thriving business in a very competitive market. Today, Scott employs 20 people, and has transformed his shop into a fully digital fabrication facility. Scott was also voted as 2016's 'Fabricator of the Year' by Stone World Magazine.

Majestic Marble & Granite produces 2500 - 3000 sq. ft. per wk. of marble, granite, and quartz countertops. Included in the lineup of machinery at Scott's shop are two TITAN 2800 CNC Routers, two FUSION 4045 CNC Saw/Waterjets, two Pathfinder 1200s and a FASTBACK II Edge Polisher.


Proven Value & Knowledge:

“I am extremely glad that it was suggested we attend [Digital Stoneworking Expo]. Much learned from this event.”


100% of Attendees Would Recommend this Expo to Other Fabricators


100% of Attendees Found Value in Attending the Expo


100% of Attendees Identified Numerous Ways to Improve Their Shop

Featured Demonstrations:



Robotic SawJet



5-Axis CNC Saw

FUSION CNC Saw/WaterJet.png


CNC Saw/Waterjet

TITAN CNC Router.png


CNC Router

FASTBACK Edge Polisher.png


Edge Polisher

HydroClear Water Clarification.png


Water Clarification System


LT-2D3D (Laser Products)

Digital Laser Templator



Software for Countertop Fabricators

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Wednesday May 17th

11:30am - 4:30pm | Local Fabricator Bus Tour (Optional)

Meet at Holiday Inn St. Cloud (Lunch Provided) 
**Due to competitive sensitivity, MN fabricators are not eligible for Wednesday’s Tour.**

7:00pm - 9:00pm | Welcome Reception

Holiday Inn St. Cloud
75 37th Ave S, St. Cloud, MN 56301


Thursday, May 18th

8:00am - 4:30pm | Digital Stoneworking Expo

Holiday Inn St. Cloud
75 37th Ave S, St. Cloud, MN 56301

Park Industries (Machine & MFG Tour)
6301 Saukview Dr, St. Cloud, MN 56303



Holiday Inn St. Cloud | 320.253.9000
75 37th Ave S, St. Cloud, MN 56301


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Local Fabricator Bus Tour (Optional)

Wednesday, May 17th (11:30am – 4:30pm)

Meet at Holiday Inn St. Cloud

Lunch Provided

**Due to competitive sensitivity, MN fabricators are not eligible for Wednesday's Tour.**


Welcome Reception

Wednesday, May 17th (7pm – 9pm)

Holiday Inn St. Cloud

Heavy hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served


Digital Stoneworking Expo

Thursday, May 18th (8am – 3:30pm)

Event will begin at the Holiday Inn.

Shuttle service will be provided to Park Industries.

Breakfast (prior to 8am) and lunch provided


Closing Reception

Thursday, May 18th (3:30pm – 4:30pm)

Holiday Inn St. Cloud

Heavy hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served

I am very happy that I attended the expo. Thank you for continuing to invite me after repeated attempts to get me there. Attending this event, rejuvenated me and got me thinking again - I have already modified my 2016 business plan, had a meeting with production , & presented 3 phases of change, based on what I learned. The speakers brought great insight - I gained new ideas, found ways to improve areas that are "ok", and recognized areas that I feel we are excelling after listening to them. I look forward to working with Park Industries in the future.

Jason Treichel
Stone Specialists



The Digital Expo was a great event!  It was what we needed to help us get a concrete plan in motion for getting our shop more efficient!

Brandon & Stephanie
Creative Stoneworks

The digital equipment package from Park Industries (FUSION, TITAN and Pathfinder) provided us everything we were sold, and more.  Our production is now much more efficient, less stressful, and has had a significant impact to our bottom-line. This digital package is a tremendous business management tool.

Rick Bayne
Mesa Fully Formed

“ The [Digital Package consisting of the] FUSION, TITAN, and Pathfinder from Park Industries has been great, and the Customer Service beyond compare.”

Nolan Walker
Ciano Tile & Marble