Produce in 1 hour what it takes 5 hours to do by hand with the PRO-EDGE® Polisher. This automatic edge shaper and polisher creates quality edges on granite, marble, and quartz from end to end unlike any other machine on the market.

The PRO-EDGE® is a fine-tuned combination of electronics and hydraulics that shapes and polishes a variety of convex edges from 3/8" to 6" thick and flat edges from 3/8" to 4" thick and up to 12' long, as well as concave and ogee edges.

The user-friendly color touch-screen controls are intuitive and easy to operate. Managing material on the PRO-EDGE® is easy with the unique rubber surface. Stone surfaces are securely held polished side down with pneumatic hold-downs for exceptional polish quality. When the machine is finished, popup rollers make moving the material easy for a single operator, saving time and labor.

Features & Benefits

  • Production:  12 feet per hour
  • Stores up to 70 repeatable convex, concave, and ogee edge profiles
  • Simple programming and operations
  • Ability to bullnose tile
  • Profile shaping and polishing thickness from 3/8” to 6”
  • Advanced help and diagnostic capabilities

Quickly finish and polish the hardest material with the PRO-EDGE®. Contact us to learn how this machine can help you finish more linear feet per hour to maximize your profitability.

Additional Edging Solutions

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