The VELOCITY® Edge Polisher gives a single operator complete control for finishing high-quality edges on pieces up to 12 feet long. Park’s smartspindle technology and tool-stagger programming polishes top and bottom edges in one pass to save you material handling, manual labor, and valuable time.

The user-friendly touchscreen allows for quick adjustments for stone thickness, conveyor speed, and spindle staggers. The controls also give an operator the ability to easily make profile changes without any tools.

The VELOCITY® has a unique system that ensures consistent end-to-end polish every time and creates French euro miter friendly cuts.

Exclusive Armor Shield Protection

The Armor Shield Protection is a process that protects critical machine parts enhancing corrosion and wear resistance.

It extends the lifespan of critical components by protecting the parts from the harsh, wet environment, increasing machine uptime.

The Armor Shield is not a plating or surface coating process. This unique process produces an aesthetic black finish that impregnates the material for strength and durability. The treatment actually changes the composition of the material on the outside of the part.

Features & Benefits

  • Decorative edge shaping and polishing for speed and precision
  • Pre-programmed profiles for a variety of shapes
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen controls
  • Precision slide bed under main drive offers better reliability than roller systems

Process hundreds of feet per day with a single operator. Contact us to discover how a VELOCITY® can quickly produce consistent edge finishes in a single pass.

Additional Edging Solutions

Park Industries offers a variety of additional edge profiling solutions ...

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