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Park Used Equipment

Park Equipment is built for more than one life. To the right, you will find products that have been previously used, but can still get the job done.

Used Equipment Listings will be updated monthly.  Pictures, Pricing, and details about the equipment can be acquired by contacting Park Industries.

For More Details and Pricing Please Call Us or Contact your Sales Rep! Call 800.328.2309 to learn more.


Used Equipment Listings:

Last updated 05/02/2017

    • PRO-EDGE II (2000)
    • TXS-5500 (2006)
    • DESTINY XE CNC Router (2007)
    • DESTINY CNC Router (2006)
    • DISCOVERY 2-Table CNC Router (2005)
    • FASTBACK Flat Edge Polisher (2012)
    • WIZARD Deluxe (2004)
    • DESTINY CNC Router (2005)
    • TXS-2600 (2013)
    • FUSION 4045 (2011)