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CNC     X X






Programmable Servo Miter




Powered Tilt Table X X X X
Orthoganal Cutting     X  
Waterjet       X
Laser Guided Blade Positioning X  X  
Digital Imaging     X X
Material Thickness Measurement     X X
Monoblock Structure     X  
Cut Curves     X X
5-Axis Movements     X  

Faucet Holes

    X X

Max Cut Length

12' 12' 12' 12'
OPS Maintenance      X X
OPS Productivity     X X

Production Rates

Slab per/hr 

 1 Slab per/hr  2 Slabs per/hr 2 Slabs per/hr 

Material Savings

      10% or more 

Cost to hire

Per/hr based on 10 hr Shift

$3.20 $4.57 $10.67 $20.95
I don't know what we would do without our FUSION after using it for only 10 months

Greg Steffen
Advanced Custom Counters

The YUKON® is outstanding. My profitability has doubled since this machine was installed.

David Reid
Rocky Tops, Inc.

The ramp up time to integrate the FUSION® 4245 within our facility was remarkable. We started experiencing the material and labor savings almost immediately.

John Daiber
K & D Counter Tops

"I am very happy with the FUSION, but I think my wife is happier. There are no more late nights and I am spending more time with my kids. The overtime is virtually gone."

Brad Rodrick
Interiors Resources Group

Adding the Park Industries® FUSION®, PATHFINDER® and TITAN® to our operations was the best thing we ever did for our company.

Mike Lindsey
Northwest Building Supply

"The Sierra is a great saw.  The simple, open design is very nice and makes the saw easy to maintain.  Very simple to operate.  I also like having the ability to customize the Sierra to fit my preferences which is not hard to do with the help of Park’s service.  It is a solid saw – I’ll still have this thing in 20 years"

Ramos Marble & Granite

We are totally thrilled with the service and quality of equipment from Park Industries®. Our YUKON® has significantly reduced our labor costs and have literally reduced our back pains.

Phil Nguyen
Top Granite, Inc.

My YUKON® continues to exceed my expectations. The performance is excellent.  Park’s machines are excellent and they are made in the United States, which is important to me.

John Sklenar
Charlestowne Kitchen & Bath