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Unrivaled Plasma Machine meets Legendary Support


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Unrivaled Plasma Machine

The KANO HD CNC Plasma cutting machine delivers accuracy, productivity, and reliability.

The KANO HD is built with a heavy duty steel, unitized design configured with a Hypertherm® EDGE Connect CNC, a HPRXD plasma system, and Park Industries’ exclusive TracKlean® self-cleaning down draft air table.


Legendary Support

While we specialize in building robust machinery, Park Industries® reputation since 1953, is built on providing the best customer service in the industrywith aspects like 24/7 service and “Next Day – No Pay” parts. 

Buy direct from the manufacturer who engineered, designed, built, and supports the
KANO HD Plasma – Park Industries®.  



KANO HD Plasma Precision Accuracy

More Accurate Parts

The KANO HD CNC Plasma machine delivers
exceptional machine motion (ISO 230-2):
Bi-Directional Positional Accuracy: +/- .004"
Bi-Directional Repeatability: +/- .001"


KANO HD Plasma Fast Movements

FAST Movements
Cut More Parts per Day

Powerful drive system delivers 160 mG acceleration with 1,800 IPM X & Y rapid traverse speed. 600 IPM Z axis lifter vertical speed delivers Hypertherm Rapid Part Technology.



FLEXIBLE Frame Design
Easy Pick and Place Installation

The unitized frame design on the KANO allows for easy pick and place positioning within your facility, making the installation and future location moves straight forward and immediate.



Makes the KANO HD the Lowest Cost of Ownership Solution in the Plasma Cutting Industry.

The TracKlean system is comprised of a unique traveling car with a slag bin and detachable plow. The movement of the servo driven car is synchronized with gantry motion. Air Sweep fume extraction removes smoke from the table via a roller and belt system that maintains suction with the smoke collector through dual side exhaust tubes. 



Press the TRACK soft key on the iPark OpCon and the car relocates itself under the cutting torch and is synced to gantry motion.


KANO HD Plasma Easy Part Retrieval


If a critical part falls through the slats and into the removable slag bin, press the RETRIEVE soft key and the car and slag bin will move to the front of the cutting table in under 5 seconds. The needed part can be quickly and safely retrieved.


Park & Clean

When cleaning the floor of the cutting table is required, press the PARK soft key and the car moves to the rear of the table so the plow may be engaged to the car by dropping two pins. Then, press CLEAN and the plow pushes the slag to the front of the table in under 30 seconds.

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Operator Friendly

KANO HD Programming | Edge Connect

Hypertherm's Edge Connect
The Latest CNC Operating System

KANO HD Programming | iPark Soft OpCon

iPark Soft OpCon
Optimized for Operators

KANO HD Plasma Programming | Flexibility

Operational Flexibility
At Machine & In Office Programming

KANO HD Plasma Cut Samples: 


Watch the Unrivaled Plasma Machine:

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American-Made & Supported

Introducing Precision. Performance. Peace of Mind. to the Plasma Industry.