Case Study | Contemporary Concepts


Victor Swithenbank III, Machine Operator at Contemporary Concepts, and his co-worker, Jim Chapman, have been in the stone fabrication business for about 40 years combined. They operated a Park Industries® SIERRA® Bridge Saw in their previous careers, and to this day have only used Park equipment. Victor shares, “We fell in love with Park Industries®, and the solid machinery they manufacture. Park machinery has made a significant impact on our shop in addition to providing top-notch customer service.”

Contemporary Concepts had the YUKON® II in operation when the Owner, Dustin Hughes, along with Victor and Jim attended the Digital Stoneworking Expo™ in New Jersey. At the DSE™, the men began creating new goals for their business. Victor elaborates, “We had the opportunity to assess our shop metrics at the Park Industries® DSE™. This fresh knowledge helped us decide to begin our digital fabrication journey.”


After the DSE™ and assessing the needs of their shop, they purchased the SABERjet™. Victor had the full Park experience, as he explains, “We were welcomed with open arms during our training. Our trainer took his time and made sure we understood everything before moving on to the next step during training.” Victor does not consider himself technology-savvy, and there was a learning curve, but training at Park helped increase comfort level.

The SABERjet™ has helped Contemporary Concepts immensely. Victor declares, “The SABERjet™ has completely flipped our game! Our profits have increased, our turnaround time is faster, and the safety of our shop has been transformed. We have no dust in our shop. The SABERjet™ has had ridiculously positive effects on our shop.” After experiencing the SABERjet™, Contemporary Concepts is excited to continue on their path of digital fabrication for many years to come.

With the added sawing capabilities of the SABERjet™, Contemporary Concepts found flat edge polishing was their next bottleneck. Victor shares, “We saw the value firsthand of the FASTBACK® II and we couldn’t wait – we purchased the FASTBACK® II straight out of the Park Training Center.” The brand-new FASTBACK® II is now in full operation and providing Contemporary Concepts with quality edges and high efficiency. In the beginning of next year, they will focus on their routing capabilities. They have plans to acquire a TITAN® CNC Router to assist with their production.


CCI Stone Studio | Texarkana, AR

Weekly Production: About 500 sq. ft.
Park Equipment Owned: SABERjet™, FASTBACK® II, HydroClear™  
Partnership with Park: Contemporary Concepts has built a valued partnership with Park