Case Study | Preferred Surfaces LLC.


With over 30 years of experience in the solid surface industry, Noel House, Owner of Preferred Surfaces, decided to add stone to their product offerings in 1995. Soon, they realized the growth opportunity and began fabricating in-house in 2004 with a Park Industries® SIERRA® Bridge Saw

A couple years later, in 2006, Preferred Surfaces moved into a bigger facility to meet their growth demands and added a Park Industries® ODYSSEY CNC Router (discontinued), PRO-EDGE® Edge Polisher, to their SIERRA® Bridge Saw in tow. As they have grown in their journey, they have progressed through the line of Park Industries’ CNC machinery. They moved on from Park’s very first CNC machine, the ODYSSEY, to the DESTINY CNC Router (discontinued). Preferred Surfaces worked with two DESTINYS for a while and enjoyed the bigger and better capabilities of the machine, compared to their ODYSSEY. The transition from ODYSSEY to DESTINY was very similar to the more recent shift from DESTINY to TITAN® CNC Router.

Preferred Surfaces has had all three generations of Park CNC equipment from the ODYSSEY, DESTINY, and now to the TITAN®. Noel promises, “When making the transition from the DESTINY to the TITAN®, you can expect your capacity to double. Without a doubt. It is a terrific improvement. Each transition has shown dramatic improvement in regards to the efficiency, the amount of production we can handle, and the tool capacity is much greater. The TITAN® has a larger table, holds more tools, and it is a faster machine overall.”

Preferred Surfaces
Morgantown, WV

Weekly Production: 2,500+ sq. ft.
Park Equipment Owned: Pathfinder® 1200, TITAN® 2800 (x2), FASTBACK®, PRO-EDGE III, YUKON, HydroClear, DESTINY (x2), FOCUS
Relationship with Park: Preferred Surfaces LLC. has had three generations of Park CNC equipment over a 13 year and counting partnership with Park Industries®.