Case Study | Universal Stone


Learn about the impact of adding three TITAN CNC Routers and HydroClear Water Systems had on Universal Stone Inc.

Universal Stone Inc. has fabricated and installed thousands of high-quality stone countertops over the years. Since the doors of Universal Stone opened in 2003, they have leaned on Park Industries® to be a dependable partner to their business. Vitaliy Tereshkov, owner of Universal Stone, shares, “Park Industries® is a great company. We have been working with Park since the very beginning, and every interaction with Park associates has proven helpful in moving Universal Stone forward.”

Gaining TITAN Production Capabilities

Prior to Universal Stone acquiring three TITAN® CNC Routers, they owned a DESTINY® CNC and a YUKON® II Bridge Saw. The DESTINY was a rugged machine that was built to last, a well-known standard of Park Industries® manufactured stone machinery. While it was a reliable, productive machine, Universal Stone outgrew the smaller table size of the DESTINY. The TITAN’s ability to fit an entire kitchen on one big table has helped production soar. The TITAN offers the increased efficiency that Universal Stone requires.

They began with one TITAN CNC Router in 2011 to assess how it fit in their shop, in 2016 they purchased one more, and in 2017 they added their third TITAN CNC Router. The TITANs have increased Universal Stone’s production and allowed them to install more kitchens daily. Vitaliy shares, “The addition of our TITAN CNC Routers has increased our production, no doubt about it. The TITAN is a big machine, but compact to the size of the table. The machines in our shop line up well. Our sawjet feeds slabs into the TITAN router seamlessly. This process has allowed us to produce up to 9-12 kitchens per day, in one shift!” Each TITAN has been producing 2-3 kitchens per day at a minimum. Their sawjet is fast, and the TITAN CNC Router completes the process just as quickly.

Impact of the HydroClear Water Clarification System

Universal Stone began treating the water from their shop with a filter press. As their production grew, the filter press became undersized and required many additional hours of labor per week to keep it running. It did not serve the needs of their growing shop.  

A HydroClear Water Clarification System was added to the shop and placed in front of the Filter Press to remove the heavy sludge. This restored the Filter Press to a manageable level of water volume. The HydroClear is the primary component of Universal Stone’s water treatment process. This provides Vitaliy with all the water the machines need without having excessive labor to maintain water levels. Vitaliy shares, “The HydroClear has saved us a substantial amount of time on maintenance. With solely the filter press, we were doing 6 hours of maintenance every week. Downtime on our filter press went from 24 hours per month to just 4 hours due to the addition of the HydroClear Water System.”

Their Experience with Park Industries®

Overall, Vitaliy is happy with Park machines and Park’s customer service. He explains, “Any Park customer service representative we have had on the phone has been knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Park makes machines that last, and we can always count on their steadfast support to back it.”

Universal Stone, Inc.
Shakopee, MN

Weekly Production: About 60 Kitchens
Park Equipment Owned: TITAN® (x3), HydroClear, Pathfinder, YUKON® II, WIZARD

Relationship with Park: Since the doors of Universal Stone opened in 2003, they have leaned on Park Industries® to be a dependable partner to their business.