Most “Liked” of 2018 | Top 10


Park’s Facebook presence is among the most active in the industry with over 9,000 followers, but more importantly it channels great engagement and discussion between fabricators. Park’s Instagram page has also been very active, growing fast in popularity with over 1,800 followers since its relatively recent creation.

We hope you join and follow along as we look to improve and continue that trend in 2019, but first, let’s look back on some of the best posts from 2018:


10. One throne to rule them all…and this is it. Precision work by Dimensional Stone & Tile Design (NY) with the help of their YUKON® II

9. Y’all better appreciate this….The SABERjet™ waterjetted out this Texas pride for Imperial Marble of Texas to use in their showroom.

8. Just. Watch. #OPTIMUS

7. This job at World of Granite (TX) looks so good it’s making us question whether or not the YUKON® II should come with Red Onyx already on the table.

6. Beautiful Rock surrounded by Beautiful Rock….Stockett Tile and Granite(AZ) fabricated this Bardigilio Marble job with help of the FUSION®, SABER™, and PRO-EDGE® IV.

5. This mitered island has us drooling more than Grandma’s cooking….YK Stone Center (CO) raising the bar with the help of their FUSION®.

4. This. Is. Art….Prestige Tile and Stone (IN) entrusted the cutting of this exotic Farfalla Quartzite to the their SABERjet™.

3. No slabs were cut incorrectly in the making of this.

2. Celebration of an inspiring, successful career of a Park engineer,who literally helped shape the stone industry in his 46 years of innovation where he researched and developed new machines.

1. True Blue Granite (TX) transforms their shop, with addition of the OPTIMUS™.


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Want More? Honorable Mentions

H1. A quick yet intense walk through of Park’s full range of solutions for Countertop Fabrication.

H2. IT’S LIT. The SABER™ and Versa Tile & Stone (CA) shined together on this backlit Onyx job.

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H3. Primetime for the OPTIMUS™.

H4. The SABERjet™ displays the precision and flexibility of its innovative waterjet, with MiterJet.

H5. A glimpse into the Manufacturing magic that occurs every day here at Park Industries® and see the precise process that goes into building your machine.

EVEN MORE? Park’s Picks

P1. SABERjet x SABERjet = YES. Big things ahead for Texas Custom Granite.

P2. The feels...30 years couldn’t separate these splitters from teaming up at G & G Jones Quarry. The HYDRASPLIT® is timeless.

P3. Reminiscing on an excellent TISE show last January as we look forward to #TISE2019 – join us in Vegas at Booth #3825!