Cutting Brick Veneer | TXS Saw for Brick Industry - Brick Veneer Machine

Safer, Faster Veneer Cutting At Hedberg Aggregates


Steve Hedberg, of Hedberg Aggregates, needed to find a safe and cost effective way to cut stone, brick, and concrete pavers into thin veneer for their custom residential projects. Dry cutting, chop saws, and excess handwork to cut the face off of materials was simply not an option for their operation. Too much time and labor costs were attached to these methods, and more importantly, it would expose employees to silica in an unsafe work environment. 

With over 20 years of partnership with Park Industries under Hedberg Aggregates belt, Steve had always thought of Park as problem solvers for the industry. Steve shares, “Park is very competent and a highly professional organization. They’ve got exceptional machinery – we’ve always had a good experience and very minimal issues with them.”

He consulted with his sales rep on his needs and thus, the TXS-3000 Whisper Thinstone Saw entered Steve’s radar. On why they chose the TXS-3000:

  • Wet cutting for a safer, silica free environment
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to adjust cut settings to their different materials
  • Faster processing speeds for a cost effective way to meet customer needs

Watch the TXS-3000 in action at Hedberg!

After referrals from quarriers, who owned TXS machines, Steve was left with the following impression, “The TXS saw is well-respected in the industry.” 

Steve’s needs were a little different from the quarriers however, as he needed the saw primarily to cut brick, instead of natural stone. After receiving a brick-cutting demo at Park Industries, Steve was happy with the time study and cut quality results. They moved forward with purchasing a TXS-3000 and their new machine was installed in January 2019.

The material mix Hedberg Aggergates currently outputs with their TXS is about 70% brick, 20% concrete pavers, and 10% natural stone, cutting both corners and flats. Steve comments on the TXS’s performance, “The TXS-3000 has been very cost effective and efficient at what it does. It is a great machine with plenty of flexibility and versatility to solve projects and meet our customer needs. We wouldn’t even be able to be in the veneer market without it.