Unique Countertops Uses Park Industries CNC Stone Machines | Case Study

Unique Countertops


Hector and Yuri Franco, owners of Unique Countertops, once thought CNC machinery was only for the “big shops”. Today, Unique Countertops has more than tripled their production with ⅓ of their original labor. “Life changers,” is the only way Hector can describe what Park Industries® machines have meant to his shop.

From Fabricator to Shop Owner

Hector Franco started out fabricating in a big shop right after high school. He fell in love with stone and thus began his lifelong career in the stone fabrication industry. Hector and his wife Yuri started their own shop, Unique Countertops, in 2010 using a timeless 1960 bridge saw and hand fabrication.

Fabricators with TITAN CNC Router and VOYAGER XP CNC Saw at Unique Countertops
The team at Unique Countertops with their Park Industries® TITAN CNC Router and VOYAGER XP CNC Saw.

Service & Partnership Standout

In 2019, they grew to where Unique Countertops could add a new machine. They took their time deciding which machine, and which manufacturer, would help bring the business to the next level.

It came down to the FASTBACK® II from Park Industries® and a cheaper machine from a competing manufacturer. Hector wanted to make the best decision for his shop that would prove most beneficial in the long run. After conferring with a friend who had chosen the cheaper machine, Hector went with Park after hearing the poor experience his friend had with machine issues and lacking service.

Not only did Unique Countertops receive a new machine in their shop, but Hector and Yuri also received a lifelong partnership and customer service they can count on. “Ever since we chose our first Park machine, we have never been let down,” Hector continued, “Brian [our sales consultant] felt like a trusted advisor to me and the whole company has been there for us every step of the way.” 

Machine Review


Hector knew it was time to make a change when he realized all the resources they were pouring into polishing backsplash – wasting too much labor and money.  With the FASTBACK II Edge Polisher, worrying about backsplash is a thing of the past.

Hector commends this machine, “The FASTBACK® II provides a nice, shiny polish that does not need touch ups. It has never let us down. Watching this machine produce a flawless polish every time is amazing. My only regret is that I did not purchase the FASTBACK® II sooner.”

VOYAGER XP CNC Saw at Unique Countertops
Going “Digital” helped Unique Countertops triple production and reduce labor from 15 employees to 5.


Hector and his employees had never dreamed of a machine work like the VOYAGER™ XP CNC Saw. The versatility of the saw has been overwhelmingly valuable – able to cut straights, miters, TightCuts and even very custom work like leathering, curves, profiled stone and more.

The mitering accuracy and ease the VOYAGER™ XP offers is their favorite. They are no longer cutting miters by hand; they are simply gluing pieces together now. Projects with complicated miters or fragile materials, were previously very stressful to cut. Now they are made easy with their CNC saw. Hector elaborates, “The time the VOYAGER™ XP saves us is unexplainable. The return on investment was immediate.”


The TITAN 3700 CNC Router provided Unique Countertops with the newfound freedom to walk away while the machine works its magic. Programming the machine and stepping away to work on other tasks had a monumental effect on the labor force at Unique Countertops. 

TITAN CNC Router at Unique Countertops
TITAN® CNC Router polishing countertops at Unique Countertops.

They can load it, hit go and let it work while they are sitting at lunch and come back to find high quality, finished edges. Hector shares the impact the TITAN® has had for Unique Countertops, “The TITAN® has allowed us to cut our lead time on edges from a week with hand polishing and a small router to two days!”

HydroClear™ Pro

Prior to their first water treatment system, the inadequate water pressure restricted Hector to running just one machine at a time. Today, the shop is buzzing with the HydroClear™ Pro in place, able to easily supply enough water to all the machines. The water bill has been cut in half, even though they are utilizing way more water supplying three machines instead of one. “We love the ability to recycle and know where our water is going.I have a better conscience using the HydroClear™ Pro to save millions of gallons of water,” Hector shares. 

Hector found the HydroClear™ Pro easy to incorporate into the shop. He shared that they just turn it on in the morning and off each night – a simple operation.

More Production, Less Labor

The impact of becoming an all-Park shop is in the numbers. Hector shares, “We have been able to more than triple our production with less labor and no overtime. I am so happy with them that I joke I get the urge to kiss my machines from Park Industries®. This past week we completed 25 jobs with just five employees in the shop.” Previously, with 15 employees in the shop, Unique Countertops was producing just five jobs a week at best. 

Hector and Yuri have also enjoyed the transition from the stress of managing many employees to the freedom in managing dependable machines. They love that the machines produce consistent quality, and they never call in sick.

Hector and Yuri Franco of Unique Countertops with their Park Industries CNC Machines
Hector and Yuri of Unique Countertops.

Second to None

Looking around the shop at Unique Countertops, you will find Park machinery running at full tilt daily. “I thought CNC machinery like this was for the big companies, but it is for us too. Partnering with Park and automating our shop has changed our lives,” Hector is happy to state.

Hector explains why he believes Park Industries is the best company to do business with, “Park has it all – the customer service that is second to none, reputable machines, and lifelong relationships. With no hesitation, I keep coming back.”