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Emad Dawood of State Stone Work Inc., was struggling with three areas of fabrication with his two older bridge saws.

Miter cutting relied too much on stick template layouts. With human error and inefficient machines, Emad was seeing too many recuts on miter jobs. And miter jobs were only gaining more popularity in his region of San Diego, California.

Second, materials like porcelain, dekton and quartzites were becoming more popular. Emad’s machines weren’t great for cutting these trickier slabs.

Finally, countertops with sinks, seams, faucet holes, 90 degree joints, and other features meant more hand labor for Emad. This is something that’s getting harder and harder to find.

WATCH: Emad shares how the SABERjet™ XP has changed his business.

Time for a Change

Emad knew he needed to make a change to his cutting production to improve these three areas. He began researching machines and attending tradeshows. Emad, an engineer who built large stone saws before coming to America, was looking for a machine that could do it all and had a great support team behind it. After seeing the manufacturing process at Park Industries® and the build quality in Park’s machinery, the choice became clear for Emad.

In November 2019, State Stone Work Inc. upgraded to a SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet and Pathfinder® Digital Imaging System to start cutting digitally.

Emad reflects on why he chose the SABERjet™ XP over other saws and sawjets:

“To me, it’s the best machine on the market. It does everything: waterjet cuts, waterjet miters, blade miters, changes speeds/feeds automatically depending on the material…you name it. It’s great for cutting any material.”

Thankful for SABERjet™ XP Amidst Pandemic

Before the COVID-19, Emad had a shop full of employees. As the pandemic hit, many of them quit. With three big contracts lined up, he was thankful to have the SABERjet™ XP to meet deadlines and get the work done.

Emad explains, “Getting the SABERjet™ XP when we did felt like a miracle. Our contracts were for porcelain, dekton, or lapitec, materials that would’ve been a nightmare on our old saws. The SABERjet™ XP saved my business. We completed all our contracts a little ahead of schedule actually, with only a few employees in the shop.”

USA Proud with Customer Service

Emad believes in buying American Made, looking for local service and fast parts. Park Industries® ability to deliver both has stood out to him.

He shares, “Service is the main benefit of Park Industries®. They are amazing with service. Anytime you call them, even on the weekends, you will have someone there to help you. If you order a part on the weekend, you will have it at your shop Monday morning.”

He continues, “When you buy machinery like this, make sure you have a company like Park to support you. That means your investment is protected and your money is safe.”

If someone called you and said “Why should I get a SABERjet™ XP” what would you tell them?

“The SABERjet™ XP completely changed my business and made me feel safe to take on any contracts. Trust, quality and customer service – that’s what Park Industries® offers.”

Bottlenecks Solved

GALLERY: Jobs like these with miters & tricky materials (like porcelain) have been made easier for State Stone Work thanks to the SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet.