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Many years ago, Tom Schlough, former Park President, saw how not to treat a customer. The story goes that the crankshaft, of all things, broke on his neighbor's car.

The local dealership where the friend bought the car offered to fix it—but at full rate, since it was out of warranty. Tom's friend pointed out that this was clearly a manufacturing defect. After all, who breaks a crankshaft? "Nope," the person behind the counter said, "Full rate." A car isn't worth a lot without a crankshaft, so Tom's friend angrily agreed to the repair. Then he vowed never to buy from that dealer or that car manufacturer again. (He hasn't.)

To remind everyone at Park that customer service is everyone's responsibility, Tom put miniature crankshafts on associates desks—a symbol of the Park Way and how to properly take care of customers.

Purpose Statement

We create outstanding experiences by providing the most dependable high-precision manufacturing solutions that enable our customers, associates, and community to thrive.

World-Class Company:
Our Commitment to Excellence

We will persistently create better ways to improve.  We will not rest on our accomplishments, but build on them in  our personal and professional quest to be the best we can be.  We will expect more of ourselves than our customers do.  We pursue the highest quality which supports our commitment to being a world-class company.