Steadfast Education

Knowledge is power, and we strive to give you the tools to grow your business. We offer a variety of education outlets to inform fabricators of possibilities for them, and keep their shop running at full productivity. 

We are committed to providing the knowledge and support to maximize your business.

Devoted Training

Expert Training

Hands-on training at our state-of-the-art training center executed by our certified trainers provides a tailored learning experience and ensures proficient skills and knowledge will be acquired by trainees so they can effectively run new machines. With skill enhancement sessions, on-site training, and on-line training also offered, training is flexible, available, and constant.

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Architectural Technology Expo

Case Studies/Articles

New informative articles are consistently being added to our website and latest news section.  They range from whitepapers on how to better your business, to valuable stone industry news, and product announcements.  Stay informed and educated on with the latest information about Park Industries, Fabrication, and the Stone and Metal industries. 

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Digital Stoneworking Expo

Digital Stoneworking Expos

Digital Stonework Expo seminars are full day events for countertop fabricators dedicated to learning from experienced, industry leading fabricators about their successes integrating digital technology into their processes. Fabricators come together for the purpose of gaining knowledge about metrics, practices, and how they can grow their business. 

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Park’s trainers and their process is about as good as it gets.  They are clear, they make sense, and they understand our needs as fabricators.  We purchased a TITAN with Park.  After one week of training at their facility and one week of training at ours, I felt fully trained wtih the software even with no prior CAD experience.  We then bought a CNC saw from a different company and they offered one week of training.  After that we were left on our own to figure it out – they only cared about the sale.  It took us 7 months before I felt fully trained and proficient on the machine.  You are looking at 2 weeks versus 7 months. Park Industries provided us the Peace of Mind and I would highly recommend partnering with Park!

Chip Carnevale
Pietra Naturale

The Digital Expo was a great event!  It was what we needed to help us get a concrete plan in motion for getting our shop more efficient!

Brandon & Stephanie
Creative Stoneworks

The on-line training provided by Park Industries helped me advance my programming skills, from the convenience of my office.

Olympia Stone

The Trainer I had is one of the finest indivuals I have ever met in this business, and I have been doing this for 17 years now.  He took great care in traing us and truly cares about his profession and our success as a customer.  He made sure we were prepared by the end of the class.

Brett Brunson
Evolution Design

The digital equipment package from Park Industries (FUSION, TITAN and Pathfinder) provided us everything we were sold, and more.  Our production is now much more efficient, less stressful, and has had a significant impact to our bottom-line. This digital package is a tremendous business management tool.

Rick Bayne
Mesa Fully Formed

The training session Park provided was very helpful.  Their tech was patient and thorough in all his training.  One of our new programmers is now up to speed on the process for the Titan programming and one of our seasoned vets said, even he gained additional knowledge.  It was very resourceful and we appreciate the partnership with them.

Scott Wood 
Front Range Stone Countertops

I am very happy that I attended the expo. Thank you for continuing to invite me after repeated attempts to get me there. Attending this event, rejuvenated me and got me thinking again - I have already modified my 2016 business plan, had a meeting with production , & presented 3 phases of change, based on what I learned. The speakers brought great insight - I gained new ideas, found ways to improve areas that are "ok", and recognized areas that I feel we are excelling after listening to them. I look forward to working with Park Industries in the future.

Jason Treichel
Stone Specialists