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Virtual Demonstration Expo for Park Industries machinery


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May 27th @ 11:00am (CT)
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SIDE-SHOT & Pathfinder®
May 28th @ 1:00pm (CT)
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TXS-3000 Whisper
June 2nd @ 11:00am (CT)
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June 2nd @ 1:00pm (CT)
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Featured Demo’s

Stone & MEtal Machinery

SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet | 27hp Blade Cutting + 5-Axis Waterjet


5-axis cnc sawjet

May 27th @ 11:00am (CT)

Stone’s sawjet leader. Join us for a feature tour, software demo, and real-time cutting demo on the SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet. Featuring live Q&A with Park Industries® experts.

SIDE-SHOT™ (left) & Pathfinder® (right)

Pathfinder® & SIDE-SHOT™

Digital Slab Stations

May 28th @ 1:00pm (CT)

Flexible, Simple Solutions. Join us for a feature tour and live software demos with Q&A from Park Industries® Experts on the Pathfinder® & SIDE-SHOT™ Digital Slab Stations.

TXS3000 Machine
TXS-3000 | Cuts Flats & Corners

TXs-3000 Whisper

ThinStone Veneer Saw

June 2nd @ 11:00am (CT)

Patented Veneer Cutting Technology. Join us for a feature tour, and real-time cutting demo of both stone and brick on the TXS-3000 Whisper Veneer Saw. Featuring live Q&A with Park Industries® experts.

KANO™ HD | Built like a Tank with Self-Cleaning Table


CNC Plasma Table

June 2nd @ 1:00pm (CT)

More than a Machine. A Fabricator’s Dream. Join us for a feature tour, and real-time plasma cutting demo on the KANO™ HD CNC Plasma Machine. Featuring live Q&A with Park Industries® experts.

Machine Testimonials

The biggest reason we got the SABERjet™ was for miterjetting inside corners. It saves me over 8 hours of labor per week, just for that one feature!

Jason Borden

Chivino Surfaces

We wouldn’t even be able to be in the veneer market without the TXS-3000.

Steve Hedberg

Hedberg Aggregates

The TXS-3000 Whisper is built extremely well and produces clean cuts for our brick production with minimal chipping. It’s very easy to service with the pop-up shroud design. You can just tilt the shroud. Also the whisper technology has significantly reduces the noise of the machine. We run all sizes of brick cut to 5/8” thick cutting both flats and corners, producing approximately 40,000 brick veneer slabs per week with it.

Cloud Ceramics/Kansas Brick

The SABERjet™ and the FASTBACK® II…I love those two machines. They save me so much money….so much money.

Mike Alnaser

AA Granite Fabrication Center

We chose the SABERjet™ for its compact design and how tight it can nest. The waterjet capabilities are amazing, its miterjet is spot on. The blade to transition jet is damn good. The arc jet mitering worked out extremely well for a shower job we did with curved miters. The SABERjet rips through production and feeds our two TITAN’s.

Rocky Almaya Jr.

Imperial Marble of Texas

In the first six months that we owned our SABERjet™, we increased sales by $100,000 and decreased labor by $80,000.

Brian Ricciardi

Ricciardi Marble & Granite

First and foremost, our ThinStone® TXS machine paid for itself in under two months. Secondly, if it was not for the TXS we would not have been able to meet our customer’s needs. Finally, the total experience in dealing with Park Industries® has been refreshing and first class.

T.J. Jaworsky

Blakes Wholesale Stone

The ThinStone® TXS machine is unbelievable. It will be a while before we get our crew up to the capability of the machine. I love the unbreakable-ness of it, and I love all the support.

Mike Harrington

Stoneyard Building Materials

From an efficiency perspective, there have been substantial improvements. Previously, we had to wash every piece of stone before putting it on the machine. The addition of the spray bar takes a step out of the process. Our stone is the cleanest it’s ever been coming off the ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper and we are very happy with the machine. We love working with Park Industries®.

Trevor Holcomb

Champlain Stone

This ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper is easy to operate, service, and has significantly increased our production capacity. Our investment in this advanced equipment has allowed us to become more productive with the same labor inputs. Our production rate, based on demand and inventory levels, has the ability to exceed 16,000+ square feet per month, running one shift. Park Industries® manufactures a great product and they have been a pleasure to work with.

Mike McManimon


The TXS machine makes it easy to adjust blade thickness. The flexibility of the machine produces high-quality cuts of thin brick, thin brick corners, and lipped stretchers. The TXS Machine has cut our production time in about half. It is a huge labor savings.

Gerry Gunning

Interstate Brick

We chose the SABERjet™ because of how easy it is to run….It’s so simple. I can easily  move it around in my shop if my shop changes. The main reason is the waterjet’s mitering capabilities. We do a lot of high end work that’s real tight. Now I have the SABERjet cutting my inside miter corners and I don’t have my guys wasting hour after hour cutting the debris off miters.

David Roberts

Granite Perfection

After researching many plasma tables on the market, we were excited about our decision to go with Park Industries®. The capabilities of the KANO™ have given us the confidence to take on a more diverse range of jobs than we would have before. The easy communication we have with tech support when any issues arise makes operating our Kano stress-free so we can focus on building our business. We are constantly finding new ways to incorporate the machine into our daily operations.

Mike Brenseke

Brenseke Welding & Fabricating

Park’s customer service has been beyond helpful and we couldn’t be happier with the KANO HD CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

Max Steck

Brenseke Welding & Fabricating

The SABERjet™ is an animal, it cuts all day, every day. It was clear to me that it offered the best return on investment.

Robert Wiemann & Giuseppe Vanderputten

Sarto Countertops

We used to hand fabricate every inside miter corner. With the SABERjet™, we save an hour on each corner. We have many projects with this type of edging so the time savings is huge!

Rob + Julie Foley

Sierra Stone Fabrication

The SABERjet™ has completely flipped our game! Our profits have increased, our turnaround time is faster, and the safety of our shop has been transformed. We have no dust in our shop. The SABERjet™ has had ridiculously positive effects on our shop.

Victor Swithenbank III

Contemporary Concepts