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Case Study | Counter Effects By Roger

Oct 5, 2017

In 2008, Instead of parking the car in the garage, Roger and Jolynn Atherton parked their stone fabrication business there. They started out by outsourcing the templating and subbing out installation and as they grew, they moved into a warehouse across the street from the Bartow Airport. A couple months after Counter Effects by Roger began, Roger’s wife quit her accounting position of 25 years and began doing the books full-time for Counter Effects.

The employee headcount grew to 36. Even with the growth of employees, they were still paying overtime and it was costly. Roger wanted the FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet to help alleviate their labor shortages, but there was hesitation with how they could make it work financially.

The tipping point that put Roger and Jolynn over the edge was twofold. Firstly, one of their biggest builders gave them their projections for the next year and there was no way Counter Effects could keep up with the amount of volume they were projecting. Secondly, one day, they had six of their 36 employees called in sick. In a meeting, Roger was given the ‘okay’ to purchase the FUSION® and he immediately texted his sales representative from Park Industries®. The paperwork came the next day and Counter Effects by Roger signed up for the FUSION®.

The Atherton’s have been happy with their Park equipment. They used to have two Matrix machines running 10 hours a day just to complete the projects in the que. The amount spent on overtime was ridiculously high. Now, with the FUSION®, they have completely eliminated overtime and jobs are stacked up ready to go - something they have never experienced before.

Business only continues to grow at Counter Effects, and the FUSION® has helped tremendously. Roger couldn’t be happier as he enthuses,

"On this machine, the miter is crazy good! It has been quite the ride, but we are growing and growing.” They  greatly increased profitability and reduced labor costs by 39% in one year with the addition of the FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet. Roger adds, “With this machinery, we have no sick days. It is working 24 hours a day.“


Counter Effects by Roger
Bartow, FL


Weekly Production: 20-25 Kitchens
Park Equipment Owned: 

Relationship with Park: Counter Effects by Roger has been partnering with Park and invested in Park Industries® equipment since 2009 and greatly value their commitment to customer service.