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Case Study | Old World Stone

Oct 6, 2017

Old World Stone began in 2003 and have since built their shop on the foundation of a workplace that lives and breathes a family culture. They chose to partner with Park Industries® because Jim Vaccaro had family ties to Minnesota and holds the neighboring state close to his heart. Park Industries® prides themselves on producing American made manufacturing solutions and he likes to shop in the “neighborhood.”

Old World Stone went from 18 employees in 2015, to 32 employees in 2016. As they have grown, Old World Stone has progressed through each phase of Park Industries® machinery including a YUKON® Bridge Saw, TITAN® CNC Router, Pathfinder® Digital Slab Capture Station, and FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet. They started out with the YUKON®. They chose to partner with Park in the beginning, since that first bridge saw, and it has only continued from there.

Jim confesses that they have had some “bumps” with their equipment in the beginning, but were able to work through these issues with Park’s team. They continue to purchase Park machinery because, simply said, it is the best. When asked, What one word comes to mind when you hear Park Industries®? There was no hesitation in the answer: Value.

Old World Stone and Park Industries® are two companies that hold strong values. The partnership that has developed has been established through providing trusted manufacturing solutions that work - every single time.

They had thought about purchasing a robotic saw, but they didn’t trust it. They know and understand Park machines and their capabilities. Jim talked to a fellow Park Industries customer in the area and after discussing machine options, they purchased the FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet.

The FUSION® SawJet is the latest purchase and thanks to this new machine, their yield is much greater and the lead times have improved. Old World Stone takes pride in the quality kitchens produced daily. The FUSION® has been invaluable in reaching this point of production.


Old World Stone
Huntley, IL


Park Equipment Owned: TITAN®, FUSION®, Pathfinder®, YUKON®
Relationship with Park: Since the doors of Old World Stone opened in 2003, they have leaned on Park Industries® to be a dependable partner to their business.