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October Digital Stoneworking Expo | What You Need to Know

Aug 12, 2016

The Basics

What: The Digital Stoneworking Expo brings together fabricators from across the country for 1 day of top level content and discussion centered around automating processes through Digital Equipment to meet production/labor demands and gaining an advantage over competition. 

When: October 26th (optional) and October 27th

Where: Layton, Utah.  It will be hosted at the Layton Courtyard Marriot and Out of the Woods Granite.

How: There is no charge to attend this expo.  To register, fill out this online form.



Why Should I Attend?

  • Learn from industry experts and thought leaders who will discuss how technology has transformed their processing of countertops
  • Turn today’s “Pains” into Profits by gaining the necessary knowledge
  • Network with others and share best practices to improve efficiency, improve safety, and reduce costs
  • Define metrics within your organization to improve your process efficiency
  • Learn about advancements in technology and how these improvements can impact your bottom-line
  • Tour fully digital fabricators from the local area
  • Watch high tech machine demonstrations for processing stone


What's New?


Local Fabricator Bus Tour

(Optional | October 26th) 

This tour is part of the optional events on Wednesday, October 26th. Attendees will be given the opportunity to tour multiple fabrication shops in the area that utilize the digital stoneworking machinery that will be discussed the following day at the expo.  It is a worthwhile experience and will assist in getting ideas and questions to bring to the expo.


Bedrock Quartz

bedrock quartz.jpgBedrock Quartz is a three-generation countertop business catering to the Utah market.

Owned by David Jorgensen and his three sons, Alan, Eric and Steve, the company has evolved from a laminate countertop shop to a natural stone and quartz surfacing operation, with an emphasis on quality and customer service. The company’s origin dates back to 1976 when David Jorgensen began supplying laminate countertops to builders.

In 2002, their focus changed completely to granite and quartz products.  While the company’s fabrication shop is in West Jordan, UT, it also has two additional sales facilities in Layton, UT and Pleasant Grove, UT.

Bedrock Quartz annually produces 200,000 sq. ft. of granite/quartz countertops. Included in the lineup of machinery at Bedrock Quartz are four TITAN 2800 CNC Routers, a FUSION 4245 and a FUSION 4045 CNC Saw/Waterjet, a YUKON Bridge Saw and a FASTBACK Edge Polisher.


Chris & Dick's

Chris_and_dicks.jpgChris & Dick's started fabricating countertops in 1975 and is based out of Salt Lake City, UT.

Included in the lineup of machinery at Chris & Dick's are TITAN 1800 and TITAN 2800 CNC Routers, a FUSION 4045 CNC Saw/Waterjet, a Pathfinder, and a FASTBACK Edge Polisher.


Valley View Granite

valley view.jpgValley View Granite was established in 2002 and is based out of Tremonton, UT.

Included in the lineup of machinery at Valley View are two TITAN 2700 CNC Routers, a FUSION 4245SL CNC Saw/Waterjet, and a FASTBACK Edge Polisher.


Digital Stoneworking Expo Presenters


Tige Rhoades/Matt Peterson

Out of the Woods

out of the woods.jpgOut of the Woods is a face frame cabinet and granite countertop manufacturer located in Layton, UT.

Out of the Woods was started in owner Tige Rhoades's backyard in 2001 in a little 40’ X 50’ steel building.  We moved up to Layton in 2005 and have added on to the building twice since being here.  Out of the Woods started out as a cabinet manufacturer but we didn’t get into fabricating our own granite until 2010.  In 2015 we built a new building for the granite fabrication and it was completed at the end of October, 2015.  Currently, our shop size for cabinet manufacturing is approximately 19,000 square feet and our granite fabrication building is approximately 8,400 square feet.

We currently employ about 70 of the finest employees, with 14 being on the granite side and 56 being on the cabinet side.

About Tige

Tige is one of the owners and the C.E.O. of Out of the Woods. He shoulders the daily responsibilities of the performance of the company.  He entered into the business because he enjoyed building and installing cabinets.  Tige learned fairly fast that there was/is a difference between being self-employed and being a business owner.  He did not attend any schooling beyond high school, "unless you consider The School Of Hard Knocks an accredited learning institution" and had to quickly surround himself with mentors that could help him transition into a business owner.  They didn’t have a lot to work with, but they did their best.  Tige has a great executive team and couldn’t do it without them.  He absolutely loves his job and learning about his business.

About Matt

Matt has been a part of the Out of the Woods team since 2006.  Matt grew up in the cabinet industry and was a seasoned installer when he came to us.  Matt currently functions as our Director of Operations.  Getting to this position Matt was also an installer, then the Installation Manager and Schedule Coordinator.  Since the construction of our new granite facility, Matt has taken on the role of figuring out our new process.  Prior to the new facility and the wet, digital operation we were a dry, by hand, caveman operation.  Matt has done an excellent job in all the roles he has functioned in for Out of the Woods.  

Included in the lineup of machinery at Out of the Woods Granite are a TITAN 2800 CNC Router, a FUSION 4045 CNC Saw/Waterjet, a HydroClear 90 Water Clarification System, a Pathfinder 1200, and a FASTBACK Edge Polisher.


Scott Hanes

Majestic Marble & Granite

Scott Hanesretouched.jpgMajestic Granite and Marble services Orlando, FL. 

Scott Hanes, owner of Majestic Marble and Granite, purchased the company in 2007. Shortly after his purchase, the market crashed and Scott needed to make changes to his business - fast. Scott’s focus on lean manufacturing transformed his company into a very successful and thriving business in a very competitive market. Today, Scott employs 20 people, and has transformed his shop into fully digital fabrication facility.

Majestic Marble & Granite produces 2500 - 3000 sq. ft. per wk. of marble, granite, and quartz countertops. Included in the lineup of machinery at Scott's shop are two TITAN 2800 CNC Routers, two FUSION 4045 CNC Saw/Waterjets, two Pathfinder 1200s and a FASTBACK Edge Polisher.



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