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DSE Recap: Greater Education in Greater New York

Nov 14, 2017


Park Industries® recently held its Digital Stoneworking Expo in Springfield, NJ. About 100 stone fabricators and professionals from around the country flocked to the DSE for an education on how to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize profitability. This event was packed with fabricator presentations that include metrics, a shop tour, and animated discussion on the digital fabrication process.

The shop tour at Atlas Marble & Granite gave attendees the chance to watch Park machines working on stone slabs in a relatable environment. When weaving through the machinery as it sliced and severed stone, many attendees were inspired to start snapping photos and videos with their phones. The voices of enthusiastic conversation rose above the sound of the saws carving through rock-hard stone, as questions were sparked on machine features, productivity, and new business ideas.

Marco Duran, of Atlas Marble & Granite, sharing his digital fabrication process with attendees.

A chorus of conversation began as attendees entered the fabrication shop and carried into the afternoon portion of the Digital Stoneworking Expo. Attendees were excitedly asking to learn more about the digital fabrication process and, after viewing the procedure at Atlas Marble & Granite, different techniques. The networking amongst the fabricators, shop owners, and Park Industries® employees brought about new learnings and ignited the conversation on strengthening their competitive edge.

The event, in its entirety, reveals how to strengthen your competitive edge. The shop tours and presentation work as an introduction and it allows for discussion to open up reflecting on the attendees’ shops and defining the metrics within their organizations. Fabricators are asked to evaluate their shop’s performance. The analysis helps develop suggestions on how to improve their process efficiency and bottom-line profitability.

Park invites industry experts and thought leaders to the event, like this November’s speakers Dave Scott (Slabworks of Montana), Liz Roth (Keystone Granite), and Blake Wamstad (Hatton Granite) to discuss how digital technology has transformed their processing of countertops. Fabricators attending the event hear first-hand how the advancements in technology impact their bottom-line. In addition, Park Industries® shares insight into what the digital future holds in the manufacturing industry. Park provides hands-on demonstrations with the following partners:

Aside from an abundance of learning through discussion, demonstration, and the tour, there is time left to network with others and share the best practices to improve efficiency while reducing costs. The conversation is facilitated around topics that the attendees find most concerning. This event allows fabricators to gain valuable knowledge for making improvements to their shops at home.

James Chapman of Contemporary Concepts, commented on his experience at the DSE, “The lineup of speakers was great! I found value in attending, and would definitely recommend other fabricators to attend this event.”

DSE_logo.pngThank You To All Attendees For One of the Best Digital Stoneworking Expo's Yet!

Stay Tuned for the Date & Location of the Next DSE.