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Park Customer Named "2015 Fabricator of the Year"

Feb 5, 2016

  Eric Tryon, of Premier Surfaces, was named 2015 Fabricator of the Year by StoneWorld Magazines. He received the award at The International Surface Event (TISE) in Las Vegas in January, 2016.

Criteria to be nominated for Fabricator of the Year included:

  • Cooperation in sharing technology with the industry
  • Willingness to pioneer in the use of new technology
  • Fostering educational programs for the training of stoneworkers in industry methods
  • Promoting technological progress through association work


(Photo taken by Natural Stone Institute at the TISE show in Las Vegas, NV.)

  Eric opened Premier Surfaces in 2002, and has invested in and utilized innovative machines ever since.  In the Atlanta, GA location (there are four locations in three states) they currently run some serious Park equipment.  They have three FUSION CNC Saw/Waterjets, three PATHFINDERs, two TITAN CNC Routers, and two FASTBACK Edge Polishers

  Eric and Premier have also established an utmost importance on providing great service and support. Premier has a philosphy that “customers are the center of the universe at Premier Surfaces,” which has helped the company grow tremendously.   As the leader in supporting stoneworking technology and providing the industry standard of customer service, we can appreciate this philosphy and focal point of their business.


(Photo taken from Premier Surfaces Facebook Page

  From how new employees are hired and trained, to the documented systems and processes that guide day-to-day operations, Premier Surfaces has successfully expanded into new markets, including Birmingham, AL, Huntsville, AL and Chattanooga, TN. Eric feels confident knowing the results speak volumes about the strength of his team and company; the employee turnover rate is at a minimum, the customer satisfaction scores are best in class and the biggest source of new customers is referrals.

  Eric remained humble and gave credit to his co-workers  “Although I am the one receiving this award, it was a team effort. We are honored to receive this distinguished award. It’s the people on our team who deliver the experience for our customers who deserve the recognition—from the leadership team to the front line staff who make it happen day in and day out. I am honored to be to be a part of such an amazing work family. They are truly best in class.”

Congratulations Eric and the entire staff at Premier Surfaces!