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Digital Stoneworking Expo | Educational Event For Stone Fabricators | Why Attend

Six Reasons to Experience a Digital Stoneworking Expo

Feb 13, 2018


In today’s competitive market, take time to learn how you can become more efficient and profitable with your countertop fabrication business by attending a Digital Stoneworking Expo (DSE). Park Industries® pioneered these educational venues 10 years ago – a venue that provides fabricators with the knowledge and tools to bring their business to the next level with digital fabrication.

Tyler Anderson from Madison Block & Stone, Inc. reflects on his DSE experience, “If a fabricator is looking to improve their business, this is the event I’d recommend. The DSE helped us understand the digital fabrication process, and confirmed what we already suspected – there is a better way of doing business. We were able to walk away from the DSE with knowledge to propel our business in the right direction.”

Knowledge is power and fabricators will strongly benefit from learning more about digital fabrication, through venues like Park’s Digital Stoneworking Expo (DSE). The DSE educates countertop fabricators across the country on the process of digital fabrication, including:


1. Knowledge is Power

Defining key metrics within your business is the first step. Receive guidance to start tracking your metrics and identifying areas for improvements in your shop.

Knowledge is Power.jpg

2. Shop Tours

See firsthand how other shops run their operations by taking a tour of a local shop(s). Ask yourself, “What works and what doesn’t?” A fresh take on digital stone fabrication can open your eyes to new methods and possibilities in your own shop.

Shop Tours.jpg

3. Overcome Labor Shortages

Learn how to prepare your business for future labor shortages and how to start planning today to successfully overcome this issue.

Overcome Labor Shortages.jpg

4. Real Stories

Listen to relatable presentations from fabricators who completed the digital fabrication journey – what went well and what would have they done differently.

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5. Improvements

The DSE provides a chance to analyze your business and ask yourself where you can improve. Bring valuable information back to the shop with you, and make improvements.


6. Stone Fabricator Networking

Network with other fabricators outside of your market and share best practices. 



The Digital Stoneworking Expo (DSE) is an event that has evolved over the years to fit the specific needs of the industry as trends in the market fluctuate. Dan Miller from Credit River Granite Company shares, “I attended two Digital Stoneworking Expos last year, and I plan to attend more this year. While there are similarities between each DSE, the information is kept fresh and I find myself bringing home new learnings each time.” The content is kept fresh with new tours, speakers, and topics. The takeaway remains the same – fabricators will walk away from the DSE ready to make improvements in their shop.


Experience a Digital Stoneworking Expo: March 22nd or April 19th