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The card selected for Park Industries® Thanksgiving Card, which is sent to customers and associates, as part of our annual contest was drawn by 12 year old, Abby Lindbloom.

We Are Thankful | 2018 Thanksgiving Card Contest

Oct 25, 2018

PI Thankful | Year 9

If you have been a Park Industries® customer or associate, than you know this is part of the Park Industries® tradition. We like to get into the Holiday Spirit and show our appreciation, by hosting an annual Holiday Card Contest that invites children and grandchildren of Park Associates to express what they are thankful for by submitting an entry of their best Thanksgiving drawing.

The 2018 Thanksgiving Card Contest winner is Abby Lindbloom, 12 year old daughter of Brian Lindbloom (Technical Trainer), for her PSA on behalf of all Turkeys.




This is the ninth year we have hosted this contest and we were excited to receive 50 entries (browse them in the gallery below)! These contests reflect the family culture we embrace and is a big reason why associates enjoy a career at Park.

We are deeply thankful for our customers and associates,
and appreciate the trust they have instilled in us! 
We extend our best wishes for a
Happy Thanksgiving!


Artist Gallery:
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