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ThinStone® TXS-Series Transforms Brick

Aug 21, 2018

Park industries® Thinstone® TXS-Series machines economically transform full dimensional stone into thin veneer flat or 90-degree corners in just minutes. In addition to producing thin stone, the TXS easily transforms full brick into thin brick, thin brick corners, and lipped stretchers. Bring your thin brick productivity to a new level of production. The adaptability of the TXS machine to cut different sizes of thin brick has helped fabricators succeed as the trend of thin brick rises.



Gerry Gunning from Interstate Brick shares, “The TXS-4800 has a double blade that makes it easy to adjust thickness. The flexibility of the machine produces high-quality cuts of thin brick, thin brick corners, and lipped stretchers. The TXS-4800 has cut our production time in less than half. It is a huge labor savings.”