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What's the Difference? | TITAN® CNC Router Series Comparison

Nov 20, 2018


TITAN® CNC’s are robust and reliable machines, with the abilities to route, shape, polish, and leather stone as well as core holes and drop out sinks - all on one rugged work center. We often are asked about the difference between the TITAN® 2600, TITAN® 2700, TITAN® 2800, and TITAN® Fab Center. There are a few key differences between the four models that may make one of them more suitable for your shop over the other.

One of the most significant differences between the models is the size. The TITAN® 2800 is the largest. The TITAN® 2800 table is 19.5” longer than the TITAN® 2700 and TITAN® Fab Center. The TITAN® 2600 has the shortest width and the smallest overall table. The length of the machine may be a large factor based on the shop size, or rate of production. Assess your shop space to conclude the size of table necessary to complete projects efficiently while utilizing the available space to the fullest.

TITAN-CNC-Router-2600-Park-Industries.jpgThe TITAN® CNC Router 2600

TITAN-CNC-Router-2700-Park-Industries.jpgThe TITAN® CNC Router 2700

The TITAN® 2800 has 68 tool pockets, while the 2700 and Fab Center have 36 and the 2600 model has 34 tool pockets. The TITAN® 2800 used to be the most popular model with the detailed and complex edging trends since it has many more tool pockets available. With trends veering towards a more modern kitchen there is less of a need for intricate decorative edges. The TITAN® 2700 is now the most popular model since many shops have less decorative edges in their projects and therefore do not need as many tool pockets. Figure out how many tools and tool pockets your shop requires based on the variety of edges within the projects your company completes.

In regards to budget, the TITAN® 2600, 2700, 2800, and Fab Center respectively range from the lowest to highest price. An advantage of the 2600, 2700, and Fab Center is that they are monoblock designed, where the 2800 is a modular-monoblock containing two pieces that are quickly joined together. The monoblock design eases installation, allowing for easy pick and place of the machine.

TITAN-CNC-Router-2800-Park-Industries.jpgThe TITAN® CNC Router 2800

TITAN-CNC-Fab-Center-Park-Industries.jpgThe TITAN® CNC Fab Center

The TITAN® Fab Center has a small footprint and requires less operators. It works well for a smaller shop to start with since it provides CNC Sawing and a CNC router in one machine. It is also great for growth because if the time comes where a fabricator needs to upgrade their production to a separate CNC Saw/SawJet, they can use the Fab Center solely as a CNC Router. Plus, the sawing capabilities of the Fab Center could be utilized in the event that the shop needed a backup.

Making a decision between the TITAN® models depends on the type of work fabricated, the physical shop size, and how your company is looking to grow. Some fabricators decide they need more than one TITAN® model working hard in their shop. In Park Industries’ Training Center, you will find both the TITAN® 2700 and TITAN® 2800 working alongside each other.

Quick Comparison

  TITAN 2600 Logo TITAN 2700Logo TITAN 2800 Logo TITAN Fabcenter Logo
Slab Thickness 1-6 cm 1-6 cm 1-6 cm 1-6 cm
Table Size 6' x 16' 8' x 14'4" 8' x 16' 8' x 14'4"
Tool Pockets 34 36 68 36
Integrated Tool Management  X X X X
Armor Deck X X X X
CNC Router X X X X
CNC Saw       X
OPS Maintenance  X X X X
OPS Productivity X X X X