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In 2005, Kitchens Now began fabricating countertops to complement their cabinet shop. As their countertop shop grew, they began researching ways to automate the process.Today, Kitchens Now produces 700-1,000 sq. ft. per day with only 5 fabrication employees.

VIDEO: Doug Schubert enjoys complete reliability with their Park Industries® machinery.

Kitchens Now!

Every entrance into the stone industry is different. Doug Schubert, owner of Kitchens Now, began as a painting contractor. He transitioned into re-facing cabinets, then owning a cabinet shop, which led him into the countertop business. Today, countertops and cabinets are sold as a package deal at Kitchens Now. Along their journey, one thing has remained consistent – Kitchens Now serves the multi-family industry through renovation projects, as well as new construction.

In 2005, Kitchens Now began fabricating countertops. They had a phase working as a sub-contractor for countertop work. Eventually they wanted to bring it all back in-house and get back into producing countertops. They purchased and made renovations to a new countertop shop. As they decided to get back into countertop fabrication, they began researching ways to automate the process.

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Getting Serious About Fabrication

Investing in the Future

Doug shares that they were drawn to Park Industries® because they appreciate American Made equipment and the ability to rely on nearby support. Among the first equipment they added to their newly renovated shop was the FASTBACK® Edge Polisher and HydroClear™ 80 Water Clarification System. After experiencing the Park equipment in their shop, Kitchens Now has chosen to use only Park machinery.

As business continued to grow, sink holes and undermount sinks became the bottleneck at Kitchens Now. The FUSION® CNC SawJet and TITAN® CNC Router alleviated that pain. The FUSION® has allowed Kitchens Now to decide to increase their material yield. Doug shares that the slabs come off of the FUSION® ready to go.

The FASTBACK® is used for any and all runs with flat edges. Kitchens Now’s process begins with the FASTBACK® first, then using the TITAN® CNC to complete the sink work in a speedy fashion. The TITAN® CNC Router is a staple at Kitchens Now. The projects with wall-to-wall bath curtains are sometimes polished on the FASTBACK® if the TITAN® CNC’s are busy. Kitchens Now began fabricating a 2 cm laminated edge and as they have reduced their hand fabrication, they have incorporated a 2 cm mitered edge with their CNC saws.

Growth with Digital Stone Machinery

The Digital Experience

As business at Kitchens Now has evolved and production has increased, the FUSION® CNC Saws and TITAN® CNC Routers have largely come into play. Doug elaborates on their shift in production, “We went from fabricating 3-5 apartments per day to 9-12 apartments per day. The amazing part is that we are making this large increase in production with just 5 production guys!” An apartment unit consists of a fabricated kitchen and 1-2 baths. 

At this rate of production, Kitchens Now fabricates 700-1,000 sq. ft. per day. They have worked their way up to producing an enormous amount of square footage per day. The digital transformation has helped increase Kitchens Now’s efficiency. Doug elaborates, “The digital technology has helped us focus our time and energy in the right places. We have started to call our installers dropper-inners, because our projects come off of our machinery with no adjustments needed. The pieces fit great.” 

The speed of the laser templator is felt especially on Kitchens Now’s more complicated projects. These projects do not have repetition and are more unique. The laser templating is accurate and the field production is very fast! This helps Kitchens Now in their goal of creating a simpler and streamlined process through less adjustments and higher accuracy.

Peace of Mind Partnership

Park Partnership

Kitchens Now employees have had great experiences training with Park Industries®. “Training with Park has been super. I was excited to learn about the online training option! The online training helped an employee of ours learn programming at his own pace. He was able to skip a section he was familiar with and it helped maximize his time,” shares Doug.

The machinery has helped Kitchens Now grow. Doug shares, “Park Industries® makes a great product that is reliable. We hardly have any issues, but when we do – Park answers the phone and helps us save time and money.” The Park industries® support team works through issues over the phone and ships parts out quickly. Doug adds, “It isn’t the cost of the part that is the true expense, it is the cost of downtime and lost opportunity. In our cabinet shop we waited on part for one of our Italian machines for over 4 weeks, so I worry about those machines, but never our [Park Industries®] stone machines.”

Even if it is a less skilled employee is on the phone, Doug has found that Park can explain how to solve the issue to any level employee. The way that Park Industries® handles situations has put Doug and his team at ease. Doug shares his feelings on the company, “We can trust Park to do the right thing, ALWAYS. I am an enthusiastic Park supporter.”


Sacramento, California, USA

Stone Countertop

3500 – 5000 Sq. Ft.

5 in Fabrication Shop

FUSION® 4245 Dual-Tank CNC Sawjet, TITAN® 2700 CNC Router (x2), FASTBACK® Edge Polisher, HydroClear™ Water System, Pathfinder® Digital Photo Station

Began in 2015 with a FASTBACK® & a HydroClear™.


Our Park Industries® machines simply don’t cause us problems…they’re always up and running. I never worry about our [Park Industries] stone machines.

Doug Schubert

Kitchens Now!

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