Precision Manufacturing

As an American Manufacturer, Park Industries takes great pride in the quality and craftmanship that is devoted to each machine.  Park machines are designed and built for maximum durability, minmal downtime, and high efficiency.  

We provide Precision machinery for fabricators who have no room for error or downtime. Schedule Tour >


Vertically Integrated

We are not an assembly house.  Our integrated manufacturing facility allows us complete control and knowledge over all operations at any given time.  This control results in shorter lead times, on-time delivery, and consistent, high quality machines.

Quality Ensured

With our internal quality control system, every stage of manufacturing is checked throughout our building process.  Your machine will meet our stringent quality standards and live up to the expectations of your investment.

Latest Technology

It's what drives today's high speed, ever-changing world.  We employ robotic welding, CNC cutting, 5-Axis milling machines, and Faro lasers for optimum accuracy and component quality. We invest in technology that will drive our business forward.

American Made

Take pride in your machine, knowing it is American Made in our 101,979 square feet of manufacturing space.  From initial design through final assembly - Park Industries does it all, right here in the United States of America.

Fabricator-Focused Machine Design

We design our machines with one purpose in mind: to provide solutions that transform "pains" into profits.


Customer Driven

Fabricators have extremely valuable input and feedback, we do not just listen to it - we welcome it.  Our machines are designed to improve your shop and increase your profitability.  We are constantly monitoring and scanning for ways to improve, and our customers are one of our best resources.

Innovative Engineering

Great machines start with rock solid engineering.  We understand the importance of designing machines that not only work, but perform.  Our in-house engineering department has an average of 13 years in the stone industry, which has resulted in innovative fabrication solutions.

Devoted R & D

In our dedicated research and development center, our engineers come together with product managers and put in the necessary hours of experimenting new ideas and testing new products vigorously. Through this, we create equipment that will move fabricators processes forward.  

Manufacturing Testimonials

At Park Industries we take pride in our precise, innovative, American made machinery. We believe it is some of the most rugged and well-built equipment on the market, but don't take our word for it.

Manufacturing Expansion

20% capacity and 42,2460 sq feet were added along state-of-the-art technol0oy and processes in a recent manufacturing expansion. Take a behind-the-scenes look at our North Annex Expansion.