10 Signs it's Time to Buy Your Own CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

10 Signs It’s Time To Buy Your Own CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


It can be difficult to know when you should buy your own CNC plasma cutting machine. Outsourcing often makes financial sense, especially for emerging businesses, but it comes with its own complications that may hinder your ability to meet customer needs.

We’ve compiled some tips from our experts here at Park Industries®. Use these ten signs to determine when your company should take the leap and purchase its own CNC plasma cutting machine.

1. Long Lead Times

Are your current supplier’s lead times too long? What’s considered “too long” will be different for every company; only your business can determine its own acceptable lead times. However, if long lead times are impacting your ability to do business, it may be time to buy your own CNC machine.

2. Difficulty Finding a Supplier

Exquisite, meticulous designs may be turned down by outsourced suppliers, limiting your company’s services. If you can’t find a supplier to do the work you require, or if you frequently tackle unique designs, start examining your options.

3. Limited Product Changes

Are you seeking to make changes to your product more frequently than your large inventory of cut parts will allow? While outsourced projects can be altered mid-path, that alteration will likely cost time and money, cutting into project profits.

4. Inaccurate or Unusable Parts

If your current suppliers don’t consistently produce quality parts, that partnership is likely more burden than boon. Consistency is key in business. Knowing that what you order is what you’ll receive is necessary for the CNC company you choose. If your manufacturer is failing to deliver, it may be time to purchase your own CNC machine.

5. Missed Delivery Dates

Likewise, it’s a bad sign if your current suppliers are frequently missing delivery dates for needed parts. Your supplier should be reliable in both quality and delivery times—if you can’t count on either, end the partnership and look for a better supplier, or start shopping for your own equipment.

6. Increased Outsourcing Costs

If the cost of the outsourced product is increasing beyond your budget, the partnership isn’t sustainable.

7. Minimum Order Limits

Do your current suppliers require order quantities that are larger than you are comfortable ordering? Quantity limits are the bane of the industrial world. If quantity limits are consistently forcing you to over-order, buying a CNC machine should be your company’s next big priority.

8. Missed Ship Dates

Are you regularly missing ship dates to your customers due to not having enough cut parts? Missing a ship date is the easiest way to lose consumers’ trust. Before you invest in your own CNC machine, ensure those missed ship dates are caused by your supplier rather than internal issues.

9. Restricted Growth 

Are the costs of outsourcing restricting your ability to grow your company? Outsourcing costs money—money that may be better spent on growing your business. Springboard your company’s growth with your own CNC machine.

10. Compromised Business Goals

Can you run your business the way you need to with your current supplier? Outsourcing limits your ability to run your business on your own terms and deadlines.

Take your business back by purchasing your own CNC plasma cutting machine from Park Industries®. With the best selection of CNC equipment, our experts can help you find the solution to fit your business’s needs. Contact us today and find out why Park Industries promises precision, performance, and peace of mind.