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Guides for Improving your Plasma Cutting


Profile metal cutting has changed dramatically and, when cutting with plasma, there are several variables that could impact the quality of your cuts. The kind of metal you’re cutting, the kind of torch you have, and the gas combinations you’re using will all impact the quality of your cut. So how do you know what combinations are best?

Park Industries® has compiled a guide to help you get started. If you’re looking to optimize your plasma cut quality, the information presented provides foundational elements to help you get the quality of cut that’s right for your application, with the desired weldability, at the lowest cost.

Use the following links to learn all things plasma and improve your machine’s cutting. While your at it, check out Park Industries® American-Made, built like a tank CNC plasma machine – the KANO™ HD.

Optimizing Plasma CutTING

A guide to optimizing your plasma cutting.

Plasma Cutting 101

Understand the plasma cutting process.

More About Metal

History of Plasma

An extensive timeline of plasma cutting.

Oxy-Fuel 101

Understand the oxy-fuel cutting process.

History Of Oxy-Fuel

The origins of cutting metal with oxy-fuel.