Safety Taken Seriously | KANO CNC Plasma Cutting Table


With large robost metal cutting machinery that operate in an automated motion at nearly 1,800 ipm, machinery like plasma cutting tables for example, has potential to be a serious injury concern to machine operators and your employees. Park Industries® has made a strong commitment to safety and the KANO HD CNC Plasma Cutting Table was designed with the well being of metal fabricators as a priority.


Machine features like a Fallsafe controller, light curtains, an emergency stop (E-Stop) push button, photoelectric safety switches, cover switches and more were all included in the KANO CNC Cutting Table’s design to ensure work place safety.

These features and Park’s commitment were recently recognized in the form of the article “Safety Taken Seriously” in the latest issue of Welding Productivity Magazine. As the importance of safety in metal fabrication continues to become more renown, the article explains the paramount importance of evaluating machine safety features when looking for new metal machinery for multiple reasons. These reasons include the obvious like Employee Safety, which is the first priority, but also important factors like costs of accidents. These make a big impact in a negative way with expenses like sick pay, medical bills, downtime/loss of production, and more with each injury that may occur.