Culture Built with Trust, Integrity, & Respect.

From our beginning in 1953, we have been laser focused on developing and instilling a strong company culture that treats associates and customers the right way, or as we like to call it, the ParkWay.

The ParkWay focuses on the values of trust, integrity, and respect – values and behaviors that each associate strives to live by each day.

Our company culture spills over into our purpose – a purpose of creating outstanding experiences by providing the most dependable, high-precision manufacturing solutions that enable our customers, associates and community to thrive.

Associates use the ParkWay to represent Park in every interaction, whether it be with a fellow associate, vendor, or helping a customer.

By selecting Park Industries as a business partner, you are also partnering with our culture and associates – each associate is eager to help you in a friendly, positive, respectful way.

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Crankshaft Philosophy

Decades ago, Tom Schlough witnessed an experience of HOW NOT to treat a customer, often referred to as the “Crankshaft Story.”

A friend of Tom’s, purchased a car from a local dealership. After a short period of time, the crankshaft, of all things, broke. The dealer offered to fix the car—but at full rate, since it was out of warranty. The broken crankshaft clearly a manufacturing defect. After all, who breaks a crankshaft? The response he received from the dealer was, “Nope – gotta charge you full rate.” You can’t drive a car without a crankshaft, so Tom’s friend angrily agreed to the repair. He also vowed never to buy from that dealer or car manufacturer again.

If you tour Park, you will see crankshafts throughout the facilities. This symbol is to remind all Park associates that customer service is everyone’s responsibility and the importance of taking great care of customers.

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Watch: Real Customer & Associates talk the ParkWay Culture.

Our Culture is Our Core

Customers of Park Industries can expect the same value of care that the company places on associates. At Park, we live, eat, and breathe our company culture. It spills out to everyone we interact with.