KANO HD | 510 CNC Plasma Cutting Table | Plasma Machines for Metal Fabrication

CNC Plasma Cutting

Premium cutting performance with a smaller foot-print and a lower cost. KANO™ HD 510 may be configured with a Hypertherm Powermax air plasma, MAXPRO200 oxygen plasma or an XPR high-definition plasma system. An oxy-fuel torch is also available. KANO™ HD 510 is the right machine for any shop. Installation takes hours - not days. Start increasing your shop's production today!

  • 1500 IPM


  • 2 TABLE

KANO HD 510 CNC Plasma Cutting Table | Plasma Machines for Metal Fabrication
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Big Purchase Decision. Big Company Support.

Precision plasma table, built to last and paired with unmatched 24/7 service.

Easy to Use

The easy-to-use Hypertherm EDGE Connect CNC control includes Hypertherm SureCut Technology with embedded expertise to deliver True Hole, Power Pierce, Rapid Part, Remote Help, Optimized Consumable Life and Sampled Arc Voltage.

Fast Machine Movements

Powerful AC servo motors and low back lash gear boxes deliver laser interferometer verified ISO 230-2 machine tool accuracy and positioning speeds to 1,500 IPM.

Hypertherm SureCut Technology

KANO™ HD 510 delivers True Hole, Power Pierce, Rapid Part, Remote Help, Optimized Consumable Life, and Sampled Arc Voltage. Hypertherm products are designed to work together seamlessly, making it easy to optimize cut quality, parts per hour and cost per part.

Cutting Table Options

The standard water table with adjustable water level offers rapid water level adjustment for part retrieval and table cleaning. The optional zoned down draft air table is configured with mechanically activated zones. Both table designs include slats set into lift out frames and removable slag trays below.

Big Purchase Decision. Big Company Support.

Have confidence in your investment! Park Industries® has been building highly precise and accurate machines since 1953. We specialize in building robust machinery and delivering the best customer service in industry. Park Industries® ensures that customers receive the support they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. KANO™ HD 510 is ready to start cutting within a few hours of arrival. On-site installation and training with 24/7 service support. Park Industries® ProGuard™ preventive maintenance is also available.

Standard Features

  • Cutting area 60″ x 120″
  • Laser interferometer verified ISO 230-2 accuracy
  • 1,500 IPM positioning speed
  • Hypertherm® EDGE Connect CNC with EtherCAT interface
  • Swivel mounted operator control station
  • AC servo motors and precision gearboxes
  • Absolute encoders
  • Cable surround E-stop system for safety
  • Water table with adjustable water level
  • Slag trays for easy table clean-out
  • Hypertherm® Powermax 125 cutting to 1″
  • AC servo driven ball screw torch lifter
  • Cross-Hair laser pointer


  • Hypertherm® Powermax plasma systems
  • Hypertherm® MAXPRO200 oxygen plasma system
  • Hypertherm® XPR170 & XPR300 plasma systems
  • Oxyfuel cutting torch and gas manifold
  • Zoned down draft table with mechanical zone activation
  • Dust collectors with ducting and installation
  • On-screen camera alignment tool
  • Hypertherm® ProNest programming modules
  • Plasma and oxy-fuel torch consumables
  • Gas regulators for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting
  • Power supply or gas console stands
  • Air prep system for compressed air
  • Air driven air pressure booster
  • Park Industries® ProGuard maintenance program

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CNC Plasma Cutting Table Operator Control Station

Operator Control Station (OCS)

The KANO™ HD 510 Operator Control Station is configured with the Hypertherm® EDGE Connect CNC running Microsoft® Win10 OS, 19” touch screen, customized iPark™ SoftOpCon, ProNest® CNC CAM software and embedded expertise from Hypertherm® SureCut™ technology. The OCS may be attached to either the front left or right corner of the machine frame.

Steel Machine Frame | CNC Plasma Cutting Tables & Machine | Park Industries

Steel Construction

KANO™ HD 510 gantry beam, end trucks or machine frame are fabricated from steel plate with added internal steel reinforcements. Linear ways and precision gear rack are attached directly to machined surfaces. Clearance between the bottom of the gantry and the table slats is 7.25”.

Cutting Tool Carriage and Torches | CNC Plasma Cutting Tables & Machine | Park Industries

Torch Lifter

The KANO™ HD 510 tool carriage is configured with a ball screw lifter powered by an AC servo motor to deliver 600 IPM vertical travel. The lifter includes a magnetic collision mount receptacle that can accept either a plasma or an oxy-fuel cutting torch. The torch that is not in use is parked on a second magnetic collision mount receptacle on the side of the tool carriage.

E-Stops | CNC Plasma Cutting Tables & Machine | Park Industries

Cable Activated E-Stops

KANO™ HD 510 CNC cutting machines are configured with Cable Activated E-Stops on the front and rear of the gantry beam. If the cable is pulled, the machine is placed in an "E-Stop" state which inhibits machine motion and the cutting process operation. The CNC displays an "Emergency Stop Active" warning message. To return the machine to normal operation, the operator presses a reset button on the gantry arm and a "System Enable” soft key on the machine Operator Control Station.

Tucked Rails | CNC Plasma Cutting Tables & Machine | Park Industries

Tucked Rails

KANO™ HD 510 machine frames extend over the linear ways and gear rack to eliminate the possibility of damage during loading and unloading the table. The gear rack teeth are facing down to protect them from debris.

Table Slag Trays | CNC Plasma Cutting Tables & Machine | Park Industries

Cutting Tables, Slat Frames and Slag Trays

Select either a water table or a zoned down draft air table. Both table designs include slats set into a lift out frame with removable slag trays below.


KANO™ HD 510 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


Meet The KANO HD 510


KANO HD 510 Cutting Steel


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    Of all the companies we deal with in the equipment and tooling portion of our business, Park Industries response and service are the very best.

    Grant Layman

    Spraggins Fabrication and Supply

    After researching many plasma tables on the market, we were excited about our decision to go with Park Industries®. The capabilities of the KANO™ have given us the confidence to take on a more diverse range of jobs than we would have before. The easy communication we have with tech support when any issues arise makes operating our Kano stress-free so we can focus on building our business. We are constantly finding new ways to incorporate the machine into our daily operations.

    Mike Brenseke

    Brenseke Welding & Fabricating

    Park’s customer service has been beyond helpful and we couldn’t be happier with the KANO HD CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

    Max Steck

    Brenseke Welding & Fabricating

    Technical Info

    KANO HD 510 CNC Plasma Cutting Table | Plasma Machines for Metal Fabrication

    Cutting Widths

    5 ft

    Cutting Lengths

    10 ft

    Machine Total Height

    6.5 ft

    Table Style Options

    Water Table, Zoned Down Draft Air Table

    Bi-Directional Positional Accuracy per ISO 230-2 (60” x 60” area, laser verified)

    +/- .004 Non-compensated

    Bi-Directional Repeatability per ISO 230-2 (60” x 60” area, laser verified)

    +/- .001” Non-compensated

    Plasma Systems

    Hypertherm PowerMax
    Hypertherm MAXPRO200
    Hypertherm XPR170, XPR300, HPR400XD

    Machine Speed (Max)

    1500" per minute

    Machine Weight

    6,500 lb

    Electrical Requirements (KANO w/ Water or Air Table)

    230VAC 1 phase 14 Amps (Full load)

    Electrical Requirements (Plasma System Only)

    Plasma system dependent, refer to mfg. manual

    Al Holst Plasma Machine Sales Representative from Park Industries

    Contact Your Sales Rep

    Al Holst

    Sales Representative