Self-Cleaning Plasma Cutting Table with AirSweep™


KANO™ HD machines configured with a TracKlean™ cutting table are comprised of two unique traveling cars. Each car includes a slag bin and a detachable plow. Movement of the servo driven cars is synchronized with gantry motion. Our Air Sweep™ design maximizes the effectiveness of any exhaust collector via twin roller and belt systems that maintain suction through dual side exhaust tubes. TracKlean is controlled via a separate PC and 7" Touchscreen located in the upper right corner of the Mobile Operator Station.

TABLE SIZES: Available in 6 ft, 8 ft, & 10 ft Cutting Widths | Available in 12 ft & 24 ft Cutting Lengths




Easily and quickly perform multiple functions of the TracKlean with the press of a button from the TracKlean's user-friendly touchscreen.





Press TRACK on the TracKlean touchscreen and the car relocates itself under the cutting torch and is synced to gantry motion. 


If a critical part falls through the slats and into a removable slag bin, press the STOP button to pause cutting and then press RETRIEVE and the car and slag bin will move to the front of the cutting table in under 10 seconds even with a 24 ft. long machine. The needed part can be quickly and safely retrieved. With the car at the front of the machine, slag bins may also be lifted out and dumped when required. Quickly return to cutting by pressing the System Enable button and then TRACK to relocate the car under the torch.


When cleaning the floor of the cutting table is required, press PARK and the cars move to the rear of the table so the plows may be engaged to the cars by dropping four pins. Then, press CLEAN and the plows push the slag to the front of the table in under 60 seconds with a 24 ft. long machine.




Dry cutting will produce the best cut quality and fastest speeds when cutting steel Higher purchase cost
Maximizes cutting productivity by minimizing down time for table cleaning Longer overall machine foot print
The ability to pause cutting to retrieve critical parts that have fallen into the table Higher cost if heated air is exhausted from the shop to the outdoors
Plate and machine do not get wet and rust Higher cost if a smoke collector with filters is required to clean the exhaust fumes
Low cost if exhausting fumes directly outside is permitted  

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Park's customer service has been beyond helpful and we couldn't be happier with the KANO HD CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

Max Steck
Brenseke Welding & Fabricating

Of all the companies we deal with in the equipment and tooling portion of our business, Park Industries response and service are the very best."

Grant Layman
Spraggins Fabrication and Supply

The whole experience with Park Industries® has been unbeatable. Park is the total package. From the technical support, to the parts people, to anyone else I’ve talked with at Park, they’re all supportive and truly care.

Shawn Gomes
Ceramic Tile Plus

After researching many plasma tables on the market, we were excited about our decision to go with Park Industries®. The capabilities of the KANO have given us the confidence to take on a more diverse range of jobs than we would have before. The easy communication we have with tech support when any issues arise makes operating our Kano stress-free so we can focus on building our business. We are constantly finding new ways to incorporate the machine into our daily operations.

Mike Brenseke
Brenseke Welding & Fabricating

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