Park Industries® zoned down draft cutting tables are designed for heavy-duty production cutting with high definition plasma to 2” thick and oxy-fuel cutting to 4”. Steel damper doors for each 26” long zone open and close via mechanical levers as the gantry moves along the rails of the machine base. The exhaust flow is focused only where the torch is cutting to maximize the effectiveness of the exhaust system. Exhaust ducting is connected to a flange at the center rear of the table. Tables include removable slat frames to allow the frame and slats to be quickly replaced as assemblies. Removable slag trays are located below the slat frames to allow the slag in the table to be quickly dumped when table cleaning is required.

TABLE SIZES: Available in 6 ft, 8 ft, & 10 ft Cutting Widths | Available in 12 ft & 24 ft Cutting Lengths




  • Available cutting widths: 6 ft, 8 ft. & 10 ft.
  • Available cutting lengths: 12 ft. & 24 ft.
  • Fabricated from A36 1/4” steel
  • Single center exhaust tube with damper doors and zone partitions
  • 26" zones maximize table performance and minimize required CFM
  • Mechanically activated zone doors
  • Single exhaust flange at rear of table
  • Removable slat frames with individual slats
  • Removable slag trays




Dry cutting will produce the best cut quality and fastest speeds when cutting steel Higher cost if heated air is exhausted from the shop to the outdoors
Delivers maximum fume extraction if configured with a properly sized exhaust system  
Plate and machine do not get wet and rust  


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Park's customer service has been beyond helpful and we couldn't be happier with the KANO HD CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

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Of all the companies we deal with in the equipment and tooling portion of our business, Park Industries response and service are the very best."

Grant Layman
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The whole experience with Park Industries® has been unbeatable. Park is the total package. From the technical support, to the parts people, to anyone else I’ve talked with at Park, they’re all supportive and truly care.

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