KANO™ HD CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

KANO™ HD is available in six machine sizes and configured with a Hypertherm® EDGE Connect CNC, a Hypertherm plasma system, an optional oxy-fuel cutting torch and your choice of three cutting table styles. The CNC Plasma Machine, sometimes referred to as a burn table, is American Built with American Iron.


KANO™ HD is a true unitized CNC cutting machine that delivers accuracy, productivity and reliability. Our machine accuracy is built-in. We do not use shims or jack screws to adjust machine components into straightness. Park Industries® uses laser interferometers to prove it. Non-compensated motion accuracy of KANO™ HD is measured per ISO 230-2 over a 60” x 60” area. Bidirectional Positional Accuracy is +/- .004” and Bidirectional Repeatability is +/- .001”. The KANO HD CNC Plasma Cutting Table is More than a Machine. It's a Fabricator's Dream.

Park Industries®

Park Industries® has been building highly precise and accurate machines since 1953. We specialize in building robust machinery and delivering the best customer service in industry. Over 70 of Park Industries® associates are designated in customer support roles to ensure that customers receive the support they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Industrial Grade Table

The build and industrial grade quality of this plasma machine separates the KANO HD from the competition. Watch the process of it being built.


  • Effective cutting widths: 6 ft., 8 ft. & 10 ft.
  • Effective cutting lengths: 12 ft. & 24 ft.
  • Rapid traverse speed: 2,000 IPM
  • Designed to ISO 230-2 machine tool standard (laser verified)
  • True unitized machine frame with heavy duty leveling pads
  • Machine frames accept any the (3) optional cutting table styles
  • (1) AC Servo driven torch lifter (plasma or oxy-fuel)
  • Magnetic collision mount for torch
  • Tools on tool carriage: (2) maximum
    • Plasma
    • Oxy-fuel
    • Mechanical marker
  • Mobile Operator Station
  • Hypertherm EDGE Connect CNC control with Win10 OS
  • Fabricated steel gantry beam and end trucks
  • AC servos drives with absolute encoders
  • Near-zero backlash planetary gear heads
  • Linear ways on all drive axes
  • Helical rack and pinion drives
  • Dual Photo-eye E-stops
  • Real 24/7 phone support
  • World-class training
  • Park Industries® “Next Day - No Pay” parts guarantee 


  • Three cutting table options:
    • Water table with adjustable water level
    • Zoned down draft air table with mechanical damper doors
    • TracKlean self-cleaning air table with AirSweep
  • Hypertherm® plasma systems to 400 amps
  • Oxy-fuel machine cutting torches
  • Digital oxy-fuel gas manifold with embedded CNC support
  • Heat shield under gantry beam
  • 2nd AC Servo driven torch lifter with magnetic collision mount
  • Mechanical marker
  • Cross-hair plate alignment laser
  • Digital On-screen camera
  • Extra torch heads for plasma systems
  • Plasma consumables and consumable agreements
  • Plasma arc shield
  • Regulators for plasma or oxy-fuel supply gases
  • Flash back arrestors (required for some XPR systems)
  • Air pressure booster for plasma systems
  • Air drier system for plasma systems
  • Power supply stand for HPRXD & XPR plasma systems
  • Gas console stand for plasma systems
  • CAD/CAM programming software
  • Park On-site Maintenance Program




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KANO HD Plasma CNC Machine for Cutting Metal, Steel, Etc.
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The KANO™ HD Mobile Operator Station (MOS) is tethered to the front left or right of the machine by a heavy-duty flexible plastic conduit. The MOS is configured with the Hypertherm® EDGE Connect CNC with Microsoft® Win10 OS, customized iPark™ SoftOpCon, ProNest® CNC CAM software and embedded expertise from Hypertherm® SureCut™ technology.

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Steel Beam & End Trucks

No aluminum in the KANO™ HD. The KANO™ HD beam and end trucks are fabricated from steel plates with added internal steel reinforcements. Linear ways and gear rack are attached directly to precision machined surfaces. Clearance between the bottom of the gantry and the table slats is a full 10” (8” with optional head shield installed)

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KANO™ HD machine frames are a true unitized design, and are not bolted together. The machine frame is a single fabricated steel weldment that is stress relieved and machined on a 5-axis mill. Park Industries® large mills allow all mating surfaces to be machined in a single setup, including the 10 ft. wide X 24 ft. long bases.

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The KANO™ HD machine frames are not affected by thermal effects of cutting processes because cutting tables are independent of the machine frame. This unique approach maximizes machine accuracy and performance. Choose the table style that is best for your application - water table, zoned down draft air table or TracKlean™ self-cleaning air table.

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Powerful Drive System KANO™ HD is configured with powerful AC servo drives that deliver rapid traverse speed of 2,000 IPM at 160 mG acceleration. Hardened & ground helical pinion gears, fixed pinion gear engagement and nearzero backlash gear heads ensure premium performance.

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KANO™ HD cutting tables extend over the machine frame to cover the linear ways and gear rack to eliminate the possibility of damage during loading and unloading the table. Also, the gear rack teeth are facing down.

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Park Industries® designs and manufactures plasma and oxyfuel lifters with a ball screw drive powered by a 600 watt (.8 HP) AC servo motor. The lifters vertically travel at up to 1,000 IPM with extremely smooth motion for both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting.

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Magnetic Torch Collision Mounts

The KANO™ HD magnetic collision mount protects the torch from collisions in the X, Y or Z axis of motion. Both plasma and oxy-fuel torches are configured with this mount.

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The optional on-screen camera is mounted above the torches and enables the machine operator to easily and accurately align a program to any plate corner while watching the CNC control screen for maximum efficiency.

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TracKlean™ PC Control

A 7” touchscreen, powered by a PC mounted inside the Mobile Operator Station, controls the functionality of the optional TracKlean™ self-cleaning air table.

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KANO™ HD is configured with Photo-Eye E-Stops in the front and rear of the gantry beam. No need to re-home the machine after an E-stop because Park Industries® machines are configured with absolute encoders. When the machine operator is ready to resume cutting, simply press the “System Enable” button on the operator station.

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Digital Oxy-Fuel Gas Manifold

The KANO™ HD Digital Oxy-fuel Cutting Gas Manifold is controlled by cut charts embedded in the Hypertherm® Edge Connect CNC. The system ensures consistent rapid pierce times, excellent cut face surface, reduced spatter during piercing, elimination of top edge rounding, and optimized cutting speeds.

KANO™ HD | CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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Park's customer service has been beyond helpful and we couldn't be happier with the KANO HD CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

Max Steck
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Of all the companies we deal with in the equipment and tooling portion of our business, Park Industries response and service are the very best.

Grant Layman
Spraggins Fabrication and Supply

After researching many plasma tables on the market, we were excited about our decision to go with Park Industries®. The capabilities of the KANO have given us the confidence to take on a more diverse range of jobs than we would have before. The easy communication we have with tech support when any issues arise makes operating our Kano stress-free so we can focus on building our business. We are constantly finding new ways to incorporate the machine into our daily operations.

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