Parts, Consumables, & Spare Kits

Park Industries® proudly boasts a large parts inventory and a next-day or no-pay policy to minimize machine downtime.


ProGuard Solutions by Park Industries | Service + Machine Uptime

Stop Waiting around For Parts.

Parts Inventory

Huge parts inventory stocked and ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

Next Day or No Pay

If you don’t receive a downtime part next day, it’s on us.

*Some exclusions may apply.

Machine Uptime

Park Industries® is committed to keeping your machine running and reducing downtime.

Stocking Parts Saves You $

Understanding your machine’s maintenance and parts needs for optimal uptime are critical to reducing the risk of machine downtime. Too often, expedited shipping charges for a needed part cost as much as the part itself.

This scenario highlights the excessive costs incurred by not having a consumable part on hand. The cost to expedite the part + the cost of downtime incurred is excessive. Stock commonly used parts – it will SAVE YOU $!

Plasma Cutting Consumables$70$70
Downtime10 Minutes to Replace7 Hours Overnight Shipping + Replacement Time
Downtime Costs @ $1,500/hour$250$10,500
Total Cost$355$10,704


For urgent or immediate service, please call our 24/7 customer service at 800-785-3391.

Otherwise, please use this form to request service, field service, parts, or ask us a question. Our fast, friendly team of service technicians are here for you and your machine.


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