The HYDRASPLIT® stone splitter with 120” chisel width is large enough to handle your biggest splitting projects. Park has manufactured each machine with heavy-duty construction for longer machine life, lower maintenance costs, and higher-quality splits.

Transform large stone pieces into building stone and landscape stone. The possibilities are endless with a HYDRASPLIT® stone splitter.

When you need to split large stones up to 10 feet, you’ll need a bit more help. Our convenient conveyor system supports your workflow for faster processing and profitable output. Maximize your production speed with one or more of Park’s conveyor system.

Features & Benefits

Quickly and consistently split stone 10 feet wide: 

  • 120” chisel width
  • 26” height opening
  • 600-tons of cutting force
  • 132" throat width
  • Underhead cutting splits stones with precision and eliminates conveyor damage
  • Single-action wedge/split control
  • H-frame style splitter

Reduce your labor costs and increase splitting efficiency on your largest splitting jobs. Contact us to learn more about our 120” cut width HYDRASPLIT® stone splitter.

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