Swift. Powerful. Productive.

Designed to thrive in the harshest of splitting environments, built for longevity, and engineered with simple, minimal maintenance in mind - the reliable HYDRASPLIT® WOLVERINE C-Frame Stone Splitter offers maximum uptime.

Utilize the WOLVERINE’s powerful cutting force to swiftly split stone and handle the toughest of splits. This rugged American-Made open frame style splitter is backed by industry leading service to ensure maximum uptime.



The HYDRASPLIT® WOLVERINE’s Open Frame style is constructed with a solid, steel box frame creating a rugged machine foundation to handle the toughest of splits. And, the adjustable table accommodates a variety of stone weights for clean splits.

Base Frame: Open frame style splitter. Heavy-duty structural channel and plate steel throughout. Stress-relieved, precision-machined fabricated weldments.

Superior Corrosion Resistance: Pre-paint treatment and superior paint application result in longer life component life, more uptime, higher machine value, and ease of maintenance.

Exclusive Armor Shield Protection

The Armor Shield Protection is a process that protects critical machine parts enhancing corrosion and wear resistance.

It extends the lifespan of critical components by protecting the parts from the harsh, wet environment, increasing machine uptime.

The Armor Shield is not a plating or surface coating process. This unique process produces an aesthetic black finish that impregnates the material for strength and durability. The treatment actually changes the composition of the material on the outside of the part.

Features & Benefits

Quickly and consistently split stone:   

  • 16” chisel width
  • 14.5” wide throat opening
  • 77-tons of cutting force
  • Single-action equalization and split function
  • 2 hand safety interlock
  • Open frame style splitter
  • Top and bottom head chisel equalization
  • Dual Head Guide for Accuracy and Longevity
  • 15 HP Hydraulic Power Unit with Minimal Maintenance

Reduce your labor costs and increase splitting efficiency. Contact us to learn more about our line of HYDRASPLIT® stone splitters.