The STORM Multi-Blade System

The sleek design and contemporary look of ashlar and linear patterns have heightened the demand of sawn stone products. The STORM provides a value added way to produce sawn, course veneer and meet the market demands for this material. 

The STORM’s 12 blade system allows the machine to produce sawn ashlar at remarkable rates.  In addition, the blade spacers give you the flexibility to saw between 1—24 inch wide material. 

Another feature of the STORM is in Thinstone production.  Whether you are cutting flat or corner pieces, the STORM can do it all. 

Connecting the Power of Market Opportunity + Production Efficiency

  • Increase Your Gross Profit Margin by $2/sq. ft. or More
  • High Performance, 12 Blade System
  • Flexibility to Cut Different Stone Widths with Spacer Combinations of 1", 1.5", and 2"
  • Ease of Operation

Park Industries has brought automation to a new level by offering the STORM -  a highly productive multi-blade system.  Contact us 1-800-328-2309 to find out more about the STORM and the value this machine could have on your business.