YUKON® II Bridge Saw

Operator-friendly for greater accuracy and better productivity.

YUKON II Bridge Saw for Stone Countertops

North America's Most Popular Stone Saw

Increasing your output speed is easy when you use America’s most popular stone saw - the dependable YUKON® II Bridge Saw from Park Industries®. Trust your sawing needs to the YUKON® II as over 1,000 fabricators have done in North America.




CUT UP TO 9-1/4"



Simple to Operate

The intuitive controls are simple to operate allowing this workhorse sawing machine to complete your shop. The YUKON® II gives you the power to create quality cuts without complicated controls.

The YUKON® II consistently creates finished dimensional stone in less time with exceptional accuracy. The 28” blade (maximum capacity) will cut slabs of granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, or bluestone up to 9 1/4” inches thick.

A single cut go-to feature quickly advances to the next cut location with extreme accuracy, taking length and thickness into account. Powered bridge miter capabilities create accurate and clean miter cuts up to 47 degrees.

Tools to Manage Stone

Managing material is easy on the YUKON® II. The YUKON® II tilt table has pre-determined stop locations. It also allows stop and lock at any angle with pneumatic positioning and brakes, giving your operator complete control of the stone. An optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) allows flexibility to change blade RPM to meet your preferences. 

Features & Benefits

Value, Performance, Easy Operation:  

  • Capacity for 16” – 28” diamond blades
  • Maximum sawing depth of 9 1/4" 
  • Cut speed up to 15 feet per minute
  • Powered 0-47 degree bridge miter
  • Variable Frequency Drive (optional) for changing blade RPM
  • Base Arbor speed 1150 (RPM)
  • Diagnostic screens make the YUKON® II even more user-friendly
  • Heavy duty, rotating table for easy stone positioning
  • Wireless Pendant for Flexible Operation


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YUKON II Bridge Saw for Stone Countertops
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POWERED TILT TABLE With 360 Rotation(optional)

360 degree manual rotation, hard stop locations every 45 degrees, central grease location, 0-70 degree powered tilt with air brakes.

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The YUKON II Bridge Saw offers extremely accurate and consistent cutting with optional powered bridge miter capabilities that produces flawless, precise miter cuts up to 47 degrees.

It also offers blade flexibility:

- 16" blade = 3-1/4" max cut depth
- 18" blade = 4-1/4" max cut depth
- 20" blade = 5-1/4" max cut depth
- 24" blade = 7-1/4" max cut depth
- 28" blade = 9-1/4" max cut depth

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Utilize the Laser Positioning System to cut accurately and confidently.

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The intuitive controls are simple to operate and allow you to program an entire slab and give your operator complete control to make quick, quality cuts on the hardest stone. The YUKON® II gives you the power to create precise and fast cuts without complicated controls.

A single cut go-to feature quickly advances to the next cut location with extreme accuracy, taking length and thickness into account.

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Heavy-duty structural steel plate construction. The bridge is rigid torsion design, stress-relieved, precision-machined fabricated robotic weldment, and corrosion resistant.

YUKON® II Bridge Saw | Cutting Architectural Applications


YUKON® II Bridge Saw | Dimensional Sawing


YUKON® II Bridge Saw | North America's Most Trusted Bridge Saw

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The YUKON® is outstanding. My profitability has doubled since this machine was installed.

David Reid
Rocky Tops, Inc.

We are totally thrilled with the service and quality of equipment from Park Industries®. Our YUKON® has significantly reduced our labor costs and have literally reduced our back pains.

Phil Nguyen
Top Granite, Inc.

Park Industries® is a leader in the industry in both equipment and customer service.  The YUKON® is more than what we expected.

Elidio Esconbedo
Rock Solid Stone

I’m extremely happy with our YUKON® from Park Industries®.  It’s our second saw and third piece of equipment from Park. I’d highly recommend it.

Evan Kruger
SolidTops, LLC

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