HYDRASPLIT® 60” Chisel Width

New Generation of Splitter with Intelli-Split Feature

HYDRASPLIT Stone Splitter 60

Heavy-Duty Stone Splitting Up to 5 Ft. Wide

Park Industries® 60” chisel width HYDRASPLIT® stone splitter is designed to handle any demanding stone-splitting needs up to five feet wide. Heavy-duty construction, efficient design, and easy-to-access controls make the HYDRASPLIT® stone splitter the ideal choice for splitting larger stone.

Clean and Consistent Stone Splitting

The secret to clean and consistent cuts is in Park’s advanced underhead splitting action. Unlike other machines, the HYDRASPLIT® makes the split from the bottom. This focuses all the cutting pressure on the stone, not the conveyor. The result is a crisp cut with clean arris lines—all without needing to raise the upper head.

Features & Benefits

Quickly and consistently split stone 5 feet wide:

  • 60” chisel width
  • 26” height opening
  • 300 tons of cutting force
  • 72" throat width
  • Wedge equalization system for consistent split quality
  • Underhead cut-from-bottom action accurately splits stones and eliminates conveyor damage
  • Single-action wedge/split control
  • H-frame style splitter
  • Intelli-Split feature allows adjustable speed and pressure to optimize split quality

We make splitting large stone easy and profitable. Request More Info to learn more about our 60” chisel width HYDRASPLIT®.

HYDRASPLIT Stone Splitter 60
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The heavy-duty frame is fabricated with stress-relieved, precision machined weldments of plate steel to provide maximum durability and support.

The HYDRASPLIT® Stone Splitter is composed of an interior and exterior frame that work together to allow for underhead split action that helps for cleaner splits.

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The wedge equilization system on the HYDRASPLIT® Stone Splitter is exposed for easy inspection and maintenance. The automatic split cycle has control of the split. The double-acting wedge rack cylinders contain shock absorbers. The dirt chip shroud deflects debris from the head to ease machine cleaning.

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Machine Control

The Intelli-Split feature of the HYDRASPLIT® Stone Splitter allows the operator to adjust both the speed and pressure of the split to optimize the split quality based upon the stone density. The hydraulic control valves control the machine. The bottom head safety limit switch is a safety feature to prevent machine damage.

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Material Handling Conveyor System

There are a variety of heavy-duty feed and discharge conveyors available for the HYDRASPLIT® Stone Splitter in different sizes with features like:

- Pop-up Turntable for Easy Stone Positioning
- Double Lift Bars
- Slotted Frame for Easy Roller Removal
- Hydraulic Lift Return

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The heavy-duty veneer gauge on the HYDRASPLIT® Stone Splitter is mounted overhead inrotary style. The gauge setting is adjusted manually with a hand crank, or with the powered option. 1 1/4” bore veneer gauge cylinder is designed to withstand
the impact of larger stones.

The veneer gauge is engaged by the operator with the hydraulic control lever, and disengages automatically as the split starts.

HYDASPLIT® Stone Splitter | Intelli-Split Feature

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