Case Study | AGS Stone


AGS Stone is a family-owned business. Gary and Jackie Rogers purchased the company six years ago and recently both their sons, Alex and Colin, have joined their team. The family feeling extends into the relationships with customers. AGS Stone is focused on providing exceptional customer care and support. Gary explains, “When customers walk through the door, we want clients to feel like they are part of something special and trust that their remodeling vision will come to life with the AGS Stone experience.”

In the heart of Tampa, AGS Stone is nestled amongst a number of other granite shops. There is stone fabricating on every street corner and the majority of competitors battle on price. AGS Stone does not simply survive in this tough market – they thrive. They set themselves apart from their competition by differentiating themselves as a one-stop remodel destination with everything, from design consultations and stone fabrication to installing cabinets.

AGS Stone is laser focused on their niche and they have become a kitchen and bath design center in the Tampa area, which is one of the top 3 housing markets in the country. Over the past six years, AGS Stone sales have increased, they are currently developing a state-of-the-art showroom, and they have recently added some fabrication equipment from Park Industries®.

After running a YUKON® Bridge Saw for many years, the Rogers decided to purchase the FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet in 2016. The FUSION® has been mitering really well and has helped them cut down on dust generation to the point of elimination. Their material yield has improved by about 5%. It has a high degree of precision. While they still do some work by hand, it has gone down plenty and the machine has eased pains such as sink cutouts. Gary shares,

“The combination of the FUSION®, Slabsmith®, alphacam®, and Pathfinder® has been monumental in helping us better serve our customers. We engage our clients in their layout which is a differentiated value that enhances the customer experience.“

When asked why AGS Stone has continued to choose Park their answer is straightforward. They only purchase quality and they had a good experience with the YUKON®. It was important to them that they stick with U.S. manufacturers. Gary states,

“It may be true that there are cheaper solutions available, but they don’t have what Park has. Park Industries® has the supporting customer service, strong reputation, and trusted brand – which is similar to what we provide our clients.”

Everything Park stands for and their values align with AGS Stone’s philosophy. AGS Stone’s core competency is customer intimacy. Their focus is on the customer and the relationship they are building daily with clients.

AGS Stone
Tampa Bay, FL


Park Equipment Owned: FUSION®, Pathfinder®, YUKON®
Relationship with Park: AGS Stone has had a strong partnership with Park Industries® and invested in Park equipment since their beginning.