Case Study | American Marble


Beginning in the business of cultured marble in 2001, American Marble, started from scratch. They had no ongoing business starting out. They moved into solid surface, Corian, and then shifted into granite in 2007. When the market crashed, between 2007-2012, it was a rough ride.

Over time they phased out of cultured marble. Today they are producing 50% granite and 50% quartz. As demand has grown, and production has increased with the labor the machines produced, sales have increased drastically over the years. When American Marble worked strictly in cultured marble, sales were $150-200,000 annually. Today, they sit at around $4.5 million in sales annually. 

Before digital machinery, projects were done with a bridge saw and manually. Their first Park machine was purchased in 2008, the DESTINY. American Marble was happy with the experience they had with the DESTINY, so they had no doubts about reaching out to Park as the market picked up. They added the Park Industries® FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet, TITAN® CNC Router, VELOCITY® Decorative Edge Polisher & Shaper, FASTBACK® Edge Polisher, SABER 5-Axis CNC Saw. Their shop is full of entirely Park equipment. 

Ben Patel, owner of American Marble, explains, “We have chosen Park again and again because we had a great experience from the very first machine we purchased in 2008. Park is local. We value that they are in the United States. The service we get from Park is better than any other company.”

Ramiro, employee of American Marble, adds, “We only buy from Park.” Business is running strong for American Marble, and Ben is excited about what the future holds. They haven’t advertised much and they run mostly on referrals. They do not have many walk-in clients. When Ben was asked how the addition of the machines have changed their business, he thoughtfully replies, “Well, our production has increased and the quality of workmanship has improved. With all of our machines we are putting out work we’ve never even dreamt of before. “

Park has helped them meet their increasingly high goals of production and quality. Park has been a great partner for American Marble. Ben was asked what one word comes to his mind when he hears ‘Park Industries’. Three words popped out of his mouth. “Professionalism. Dependability. Great service.” He adds, “Park has people we can count on. It is like our family business here at American Marble. We depend on them and they are there for us.”

American Marble
Sanford, FL

Park Equipment Owned: FUSION®, TITAN®, VELOCITY®, FASTBACK®, HydroClear, SABER
Relationship with Park: American Marble has been partnering with Park Industries® and invested in Park equipment since 2008.