Case Study | Frank’s Marble & Granite


Frank and Carmela Pantano opened up Frank’s Marble & Granite in 1972. They began in ceramic tile and marble fireplaces, and they slowly made their way into countertops. Fabrication was done by hand with a tile saw until Frank created his own makeshift saws that resembled rail saws. Growing up in the business, their son Carmine Pantano now owns and operates the business.

Frank’s Marble & Granite purchased their first Park Industries® machine in 1996, the COUGAR Bridge Saw. They replaced it just last year with the purchase of the SABER 5-Axis CNC Saw. It was time to upgrade. The COUGAR was just getting old and its mitering capabilities were limited. In order to compete in the mitering world Frank’s Marble & Granite wanted to cut digitally with CNC, so they looked at the SABER. They shopped around a few places before purchasing the SABER. When upgrading, Carmine says there were two main factors that led them to choosing Park again. Firstly, they pride themselves on the fact that everything in their shop is American-Made. Secondly, they know they can depend on Park’s customer service. He says, “We know Park is there for us with a dedicated service team and we can call with any problems that may arise. By choosing Park, we knew we’d have dependable service. In the end, you need that service.” The employee operating the SABER had no industry experience and learned the saw in one month. Carmine elaborates, “This easily trainable machine cut down on almost all of our overtime, while increasing production. Where we used to have overtime every other weekend, now its once every 3 months.

He also adds,  “It is so easy to use. Once you tell it to cut, you are free to work on another job. There is time to prepare another job or inspect a slab. It is a nice flow and it helps projects get done quicker in a day. Once you hit “Go”, you can walk away.”

They focus on fabricating residential projects, with about 5% of their projects being commercial. They produce about 10-15 kitchens per week with five people in the shop. Strong business relationships are important to Frank’s Marble & Granite. Carmine enthuses, “I have to applaud you for the fact that you do not disappear after the sale. I like that about Park. It shows that you know we exist and it keeps Park top of mind. When I need my next machine, Park is where I will turn to. Do not stop the calls. They are very important to us.” Carmine appreciates the people of Park reaching out with a phone call. It shows him that Park truly cares and wants him to succeed.

When asked what one word that comes to mind when you hear Park industries, Carmine answers, “Reliability. Park Industries® is a reliable company I can count on.”

Frank’s Marble & Granite
Red Lion, PA

Weekly Production: 10-15 kitchens
Park Equipment Owned: WIZARD, COUGAR, SABER
Relationship with Park: Frank’s Marble & Granite and Park Industries have a strong partnership of 21 years and counting in the stone fabrication business.