Case Study | New Beginnings Stone


Twenty years ago, Cesar Fernandez and Noe moved to the United States seeking a job in the stone fabrication industry. Working side by side in a fabrication shop, they began discussing the potential of starting their own shop. In 2000, New Beginnings Stone (CA) was formed with nothing more than two men with a truck and a vision.

As the demand for granite countertops grew, so did New Beginnings. Both Cesar and Noe were attending an MIA event when they met a Park Industries® Representative. They had a discussion on how New Beginnings could grow their business and keep up with market demands.

“We began hiring more employees but soon realized that we needed to enhance their work environment,” adds Cesar. “Park Industries® helped us understand the benefits of growing from a manual shop to fully digital.” New Beginnings implemented laser templating, a Pathfinder® Slab Capture SystemVELOCITY® Edge Shaper & Polisher, FUSION® 4045 CNC Saw/Waterjet, and HydroClear Water Clarification system in 2016.

When asked how they have built up their business to where it stands today, they attribute most of it to faith, taking a risk, and having a passion for the business. They have a strong dedication to their customers and do the best they can every day. The addition of the Park equipment has helped them keep their promise on delivering the best product with a quick turnaround.

Cesar explains, “Our employees are like family and our ultimate goal of going digital was to create a more productive and welcoming work area. While the equipment has increased efficiency, more importantly, it has created a safer and more comfortable environment for each of the employees working at New Beginnings.

“The difference the machines have made is night and day,” adds Noe. “The equipment has allowed the employees to work shorter shift hours and be healthier. The mood has lifted and smiles can be seen across employees’ faces. With the machines working hard, everyone else can take a breath and enjoy each work day, along with spending more quality time with their families too. Park Industries® has made it possible to provide an excellent environment for our employees to work.”

Cesar declares, “We are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership with Park Industries®. The customer service has been excellent and our employees are working in a better-than-ever environment because of our investment in Park. The next time we need to purchase a piece of equipment, we will reach out to Park Industries®.”

New Beginnings Stone
Santa Barbara, California


Weekly Production: About 30 kitchens
Park Equipment: VELOCITY®, HydroClear, FUSION® 4045, Pathfinder® 1200
Relationship with Park: Park Industries® helped New Beginnings make the transition from a manual shop to fully digital in 2016.